Amazing Inventions That Actually Exist!

There have been so many great inventions over the past two decades! From our first computer to the first smart phone, these inventions have not failed to amaze us. The greatest things about these inventions are that they help us in our day to day activities! Whether it’s for work or school, the inventions that we have surrounding us really have helped us grow and progress. So what about the inventions that are somewhat useless but still totally awesome? You would not believe the amazing inventions out there that we might not use every day but are still incredibly cool! They might not be smart to buy but you might not be able to help yourself! Check them out!


This beautiful chandelier is created to give your room a forest effect! The shadows that project off of the chandelier create creepy yet really cool trees all around your room. Who wouldn’t love this look for their room?


Turn any boring breakfast around with these funny faces pancake maker! This pancake maker imprints faces onto mini pancakes and gives your breakfast a little twist! This is great for kids or for adults who are kids at heart. Either way, it’s a fun way to start your day.

er  Writing notes on a piece of toast? Is that even possible? Yes, yes it is with this toaster! This toaster allows you create little notes on pieces of toast as they’re toasting. This is great way to leave your kids and hubby a loving note before they’re off to school or work!


Who would need to leave this hose after having this amazing mini doughnut maker? This cool and yummy invention will allow you to make your own doughnuts in your own home. No oven or hassle, just this doughnut maker!


Who knew you could charge your phone just by breathing?! This cool invention allows you to charge your phone just by breathing into a mask that you connect your phone into. Use it while sleeping or use while going out for a jog, either way it’ll charge that baby up! Would you try this?


This is the ultimate door lock! No burglar will break into any house with this door lock. Once the door is locks the door knob is inserted into the door so that there is no doorknob! Who wouldn’t feel safe with this on their doors?


This amazing device projects a keyboard that lets you type on it and transfers it to your phone! This is a great way to write essays, blogs or articles from your phone. Its s futuristic and incredibly cool!


Whether you want to save money on a hotel when on a road trip or your wife is making you sleep outside, this inflatable bed is great for that occasion! It’s made to fit perfectly in a back seat and is sturdy and comfy enough to sleep on!

ET This inflatable poker table is a great thing to have in the summer! Invite your friends over for a swim and twist things up by playing poker in the pool! It will give you a nice tan while playing a fun game with your friends!


This clear law tent is an amazing thing to have in your backyard! Relax in it as it’s raining or lay and watch the stars at night! It will give you a great relaxing experience!

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