Halloween Prep: Easy And Fun Couples Costumes

There’s nothing more fun than being able to plan a Halloween costume, especially if you’re planning on doing something with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Single and group costumes are always fun, but there’s something special about planning something with the person that you love.  If you plan on spending this Halloween at a part with your significant other (SO) you won’t be the only one. Alliance Data Retail Services estimated that 158 million people participated in Halloween last year.  People in the U.S. spent about $6.9 million on Halloween last year, but luckily you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a creative and cute Halloween costume.  If you’re having troubling thinking of something to be with your SO, think about using a few of these couples costume ideas.

Fairy Tale Couples

image: black and white sexy bunny costumeWho ddoesn’thave a favorite fairy tale they remember from their childhood?  Your favorite childhood story could help give you a cute and easily recognizable couples costume this year.  There are plenty of sexy Halloween costumes that can help you look hot this Halloween.  You could be a naughty Red Ridding Hood with your heroic woodsman, or even the Big Bad Wolf.  Your SO could be your prince or princess charming, and you’ll be their cute damsel in distress.

Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner

You’ve seen plenty of cute Playboy Bunnies at costume parties in the past, but how many of them had a Hugh Hefner to complete the look?  Your costume will be easy to find, just find a Playboy Bunny outfit in your favorite color.  Your SO’s costume just needs a comfortable velvet robe, classy looking pajama pants (satin will always work), and a martini glass to complete the look.

Cop and Robber

This is a classic costume, but that doesn’t make it any less cute.  You can go all out with your cop outfit, complete it with sunglasses, a badge, and some handcuffs in case your prisoner gets out of control.  They could go for the classic black and white stripes combination, or they could go for a solid colored jumpsuit.

Referee and Player

Does your SO love a favorite sports team?  If so, surprise them this Halloween with a referee and player costume.  Complete the look and give them a gift by getting them their favorite sports jersey, and pants that match the team colors.  When you find your cute referee costume, make sure you find a sexy pair of long stripped socks to add some personal flair to your outfit.

What is your favorite couples costumes ideas?

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