Savory Smoked Salmon Recipes!

Smoked Salmon is an amazing item to add to a healthier diet! Not only is it delicious but it also carries so many health benefits. Smoked Salmon contains b-complex vitamins as well as vitamin D which promote bone and skin heath! Smoked salmon also contains an incredible amount of protein that one needs to be fueled throughout the day. Aside from bone and kin health, smoked salmon also contains heart healthy fats that lower risks of heart disease! Though smoked salmon can be very beneficiary, not many know just how many ways they can eat smoked salmon! There are more than several ways to enjoy a nice piece of smoked salmon. Whether it’s a smoke salmon salad dish or a smoked salmon egg benedict, there is an incredible amount of recipes that carry the delicious taste of smoked salmon! Take a look at some of our favorite recipes and try them out yourself!


Topping off your bagels and cream cheese with a slice of smoked salmon will not only taste delicious but it will also give you a great amount of protein you need in a breakfast! This will keep you energized and up to get you through the day. The great thing about it is that it’s so low in calories that you wouldn’t need to worry about adding something extra to your breakfast!


Salmon and egg benedict is not only tasty but it carries a tremendous amount of protein and fiber one needs to for a healthy and hardy breakfast! This amazing dish doesn’t need much and it still gives you a great amount of vitamins and protein. All you’ll need for this dish is 2 slices of smoke salmon, 3 large eggs, 1 avocado, cayenne pepper, salt and English muffins! Once your eggs are cooked and muffins are toasted, through the little sandwich together and enjoy!


A smoked salmon salad is a great and healthy way to enjoy a lunch! The smoke salmon can replace any greasy chicken and give you twice as much protein than the chicken would. All you need is some salad leaves, 5-6 slices of smoked salmon, sliced cucumber, chopped onion rings and lemon juice as a dressing! Add a little salt and pepper for taste and enjoy!


Smoked salmon and asparagus rolls are great to have as a snack or as a side dish at dinner! It’s healthy, delicious and easy to make. All you need is some smoked salmon, asparagus spears, mayo, black pepper, olive oil and flower water! First, spread olive oil on your asparagus and place on preheat grill. Grill them for 4 minutes on each side. Then, mix in the mayo and flour water in a mixing bowl and brush the salmon with the mix. Season them with pepper and salt and then roll the asparagus in the smoked salmon and enjoy!


Deviled eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese are great appetizers to serve to your guests! All you’ll need to do differently is add cream cheese to the eggs and top it off with some fresh smoked salmon!

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