Amazing Tire Home Decor!

Recycling old car tires may be the last thing that can come to your mind but can actually be very beneficial! From furniture to yard projects, old tires can come in handy. We have a few examples of how creative you can be with something as useless as old car tires. So try these out for yourself and you may just get inspired to try something different for your yard or home décor!


One of the cutest and most useful things you can do with an old tire is to turn it into a pet bed! Whether you have a dog or cat, this cute and comfy new bed will be there new favorite spot to be at! All you need is an old tire, some paint and a fluffy pillow to stuff inside.


A dog bed is a bright idea but some new outdoor chairs are even better! Grab a couple old tires and create your brand new patio furniture! The great thing about creating your own patio furniture is that you can make it so that it fits perfectly with your style, home vibe and backyard theme! Whether you want to go white and simple or orange and vibrant, the style of these chairs lye in your hands!


A coffee table made up of old tires is also a great way to style your patio furniture! It will fit perfectly with your new and very tasteful tire chairs. All you’ll need is about two old tires, paint of your choice and a glass plate to set over the tires! This can be a great addition to your patio or home as well!


Creating pots and plats structures out of old tires is a bright and very creative idea to throw into your backyard! Not only will you save money on pots and bricks but you will also have a very unique touch to your garden. All you’ll need are some old tires and different colors of paints to brighten up your yard!


Creating animals out of old tires is a fun and amazing way to furnish your garden! Not only will it add style and creativity to your yard but it will also expand your imagination on several levels. This will give you a chance to create new and fun things for your backyard or in home décor! So try this out for yourself and watch at your imagination comes to life!


Speaking of gardening, these plant reefs would be an amazing addition to any yard! Whether you want to hang them from a tree or on the walls, they will add an incredible touch to your backyard. Show your guests your creative side and try creating one of these reefs for your yard!


Who can forget about the all-time favorite tire swing? This has been one of the most popular and useful things someone has ever made from a tire. Kids love it and it can add a beautiful finishing touch to your backyard! Try this out for your house!

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