Disney All Grown Up: Your Guide to This Year’s Sexiest Disney Costumes

It’s that time of year again! Time to begin searching through sexy Halloween costumes for the one that is most perfect for you! One of the biggest trends this year is Disney costumes. However, that doesn’t mean you need to dig up your innocent little Disney princess costume from your childhood. There are plenty of Disney Halloween costumes to choose from that allow you to show a different, more grown up side of the Disney princess you’ve always dreamed of being. Here is your guide to this year’s sexiest Disney costumes.

1.  Maleficent– Not everyone wants to be a Disney princess – some women get more pleasure out of being the bad girl. This year, this villainous costume is set to be a big hit thanks in no small part to the hit movie Maleficent. Unfortunately, we can’t give you Angelina Jolie’s smoking hot body. However, this sexy Halloween costume will give you the opportunity to pretend to be her for a while. It’s Halloween, and dressing up and becoming someone else is the point!Maleficent costume

2.  Rapunzel – Rapunzel has been one of our favorite Disney princesses since she swung hair-first onto the scene in 2010. She’s somewhat underrated (seriously, we’ve heard more than enough about Cinderella already…), but she sports a rebellious, kick-butt attitude. This costume is a bit less revealing than that of Maleficent, but it will still turn heads. We’d bet Rapunzel’s mother would not approve, but that cutie at the club will certainly give it a thumbs-up!Rapunzel costume

3.  Alice – While Alice from Alice in Wonderland is not actually a Disney princess, she exhibits the spunk that they all have and a curiosity that would put most of them to shame. And this costume certainly shows more of her wild side than that poufy Victorian monstrosity the Disney filmmakers stuck her in. This costume is only for the boldest, most daring adventure-seeker in the making. Whether you plan to wear it out to the club or save it for use in the bedroom, you’ll be sure to make quite a statement! Never again will people refer to Alice as the “innocent little girl at the tea party.” Although, if they really paid attention to the movie (or better yet, read the book), they’d know from the beginning that that Alice was nothing but trouble….Alice in Wonderland costume

4.  The Queen of Hearts – If you thought Alice was naughty, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The famed villain from the same story, The Queen of Hearts is every bit as bad, if not more so! After all, “off with their heads” is her favorite line. If villains are your preference, then you’ll love this sexy Queen of Hearts costume. You might want to add your own pen and notepad to keep track of all of the hearts you’ll be sure to steal throughout the night in this costume!Queen of Hearts costume

5.  Nicky Mouse – You can’t get much more Disney than Mickey Mouse! However, we don’t think Walt Disney ever imagined a sexier version of his famous little critter, hence we changed the name to “Nicky.” Our version of the famed mouse costume is far more sultry than cute. Mr. Disney himself might not have approved of this makeover, but we’re sure that all of your friends and everyone else at the hot Halloween part sure will!Nicky Mouse costume

If you’re looking for a way to mesh sexy Halloween costumes with your love for Disney, this is your year! From princesses to villians and even beloved little mice, there’s no shortage of sexy Disney Halloween costumes this year. Which one will you choose?


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