Makeup Hacks!

Putting on makeup is an everyday ritual for many of us! Whether it’s a winged cat eye or a plain and simple mascara look, these take time. It can get tough having to take time on our makeup every single day before our day beings! So how can we beat around this problem while still achieving our cute everyday looks? With these amazing makeup hacks! These little tis and ticks will help you achieve your makeup looks faster and easier. They’ll also help you beat around other makeup problems you may come across. Check out these amazing hacks and get your mornings going by easier!


Say goodbye to smudged mascara and say hello to clean and beautiful lashes! This cool and easy mascara trick will help you achieve thicker and fuller lashes without getting that awful mascara smudge on your face! All you need is a plastic spoon. Turn the spoon upside down and place it under your lashes. You can use this trick on both your top and bottom lashes!


Give your eyelash curlers a little heat to help curl your eyelashes better! The heated eyelash curlers will act as a hair curler and help keep your eyelashes a little lift. You can either use this trick to an addition to your mascara or you can use this in substitute to your mascara! All you need for this trick is your eyelash curlers and a blow drier. Have the dryer on high an blow it into your eyelash curlers for about a minute, place the curlers onto your eyelashes and keep the curlers closed on your lashes for about 30 seconds to get a good lift!


A cat eyeliner has got to be one of the most difficult makeup looks to achieve! Especially when you’re in a hurry to get ready! A get trick to this makeup looks is to use tape to help you get the perfect wing. All you need to do is place a piece of tape onto the bottom corner of your eye and line upward, tords your temple. Starts sketching the eyeliner from the middle of your eye and bring it outwards along the tape. Finish off the eyeliner by sketching the from the middle of your eye tords the inner corners of your eye!


Clumpy mascara can be a tough thing to avoid when trying to achieve thick and full lashes! A great way around this problem is to brush out your clumpy eyelashes with an unused toothbrush! This will brush out the unwanted clumps and give you clean and beautiful lashes you desire!


Want long lasting lipstick? A great trick to this makeup look is to use to place a Kleenex over your painted lips and to brush over baby powder over your lips! This will give your lipstick a long lasting effect!


Makeup your eyeliner thicker and darker by heating the tip with a lighter! His will darken the eyeliner and give you a gel-like liner.


Use saline to rewet your dried up mascara! This will help you save money and give you great lashes that you desire!

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