Weird Yet Tempting Doughnuts

Doughnuts, the sweet and savory filled bread that drives us all nuts! From glazed to powdered and jelly filled to bear claws, these doughnuts can turn our days around. So it’s no surprise that bakeries from all around the world experiment with different flavors and tastes to support our doughnut addiction. There are tons of different flavors out there that find their way to our mouths and seem to make our lives just a little bit better. It’s also no surprise that the normal flavors were all discovered and being used up which eventually led these bakers to turn to weird yet tasty flavors! From bacon glazed to doughnuts topped in your favorite cereal, these doughnuts may be weird but they are treats that need to be tried! Why not let our taste buds explore and try some of these amazing doughnuts?


Nothing can satisfy our chocolate cravings better than a chocolate glazed doughnut sprinkled with Coco Puffs! This yummy treat may be a little different from your ordinary doughnut but I can guarantee you that it will be worth your while. So try this doughnut out for yourself, it might just be your new favorite treat!



Here is another cereal topped doughnut that will rock your world! This vanilla glazed doughnut is topped with yummy fruit loops. Nothing can satisfy your breakfast and sweet tooth need better than this doughnut. Try it out for yourself and find out why so many others seem to love this doughnut as well!



One of the weirdest doughnuts out there has got to be the Maple Bacon Glazed Doughnut! This sweet and salty treat will have your taste buds doing cartwheels in your mouth. This doughnut may not look like the tastiest treat but it might just be your new favorite dessert! This doughnut can be found at several bakeries near you or even a huge fair. Don’t knock it till you try it!



This French toast doughnut is a great excuse to substitute your ordinary breakfast with this sweet and savory doughnut! This treat is filled and glazed with the wonderful taste of French toast. It’s unique, delicious and not a bad treat to try out for yourself! This doughnut may just unravel your new found love for breakfast!



Green Tea flavored doughnut may be a little weird to try but it may just turn out to be incredibly delicious. There are several dishes out there that are green tea flavored! From ice cream to kit kat bars, green tea flavored treats are always yummy to try so why not go ahead and try this green tea doughnut? It might just be your new favorite thing!



So we’ve gone over some of the weirdest doughnuts out there but have you ever heard of a doughnut breakfast burger?  Neither have we! Who would of ever thought of replacing the buns off a burger with doughnuts? Its genius! This would be a great breakfast, especially for those of you who are huge doughnut lovers!

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