Transformation Tuesday

Its transformation Tuesday which means its time to watch your news feed fill up with collages of your friends comparing themselves from when they were younger! Though this can get a little annoying, its still fun to see the amazing transformations unravel! The fun thing about today is that we also get to see the sexiest celebrities unravel their transformations as well. It’s almost hard to believe that the hottest girls on earth were once ugly ducklings! It just goes to show what fame and money can do for you. Don’t be fooled though, not all these transformations are a good thing! Some went from ugly to gorgeous and others went from sweet to wild. Like I’ve mentioned before, money and fame can do a lot for a person’s look!


One of the sexiest women alive is the Barbados beauty, Rihanna! But did she look like before the glitz and glamour? She was your ordinary girl from the block! She rocked normal clothes, long braids and no makeup. This island princess had no idea that her ordinary wardrobe would soon change and be worth a fortune!


Oh Miley! When did you turn a 360? This once sweet and innocent Texas girl from the ranch was America’s sweetheart. From her popular Disney show to her amazing brand that targeted young girls, Miley Cyrus was known as the sweet southern girl from the Disney channel. But shortly after her breakup with fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, she changed and showed us her wild side! Though her twerking, provocative clothing and public love for smoking weed may bother some people, others seem to love the new Miley! Some people say that she’s doing what others are too scared to do which is to grow up and change!


Nicki, Nicki! Who was this bombshell before the fame? She was your ordinary girl from New York who was trying to make I big. This celebrity has been rumored to go under extreme plastic surgery to give her the “Nicki Minaj” look she has today. Which are butt shots and a new boob job! Whether or not these rumors are true, the new look is working great for her!


The smoking hot, Megan Fox, is one of America’s hottest sex symbols! From her hypnotizing eyes to her luscious lips, it makes you wonder if she was always this hot. Truth is, she didn’t look much different when she was younger but money still stepped up her game. After removing those braces, getting a boob job and injecting her face with some magic juice she turned into the fine Megan Fox we have today!


The Jenner sisters are one of the many starlets that we watched grow up on live TV! These two have turned from young ducklings to a pair of drop-dead-gorgeous swans. There is no denying the beauty and sex appeal these sisters inherited from their family!


Naya Rivera is one of our favorite Maxim Top 100 canidates! Not only is she absoloutly gorgeous but shes also an incredible actress. But was she always this smoking? Not really… its almost hard to recognize her without the blowout, fake lips and removed mole! Who knew she ever had that mole?

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