Tips On Surviving Long Distant Relationships

A long distance relationship can be extremely tough to maintain. From trust issues to the lack of physical love, there is no denying that distance actually makes it harder on relationships to last. Many couples claim to be able to get through it because of how strong their love may be but distance is bound to have some type of effect on the relationship! So how do we beat the system? How do we make long distance our bitch and prove that love can conquer all? It’s not easy but with flexibility, self control and trust; a long distant relationship can be successful! Check out some of our tricks and tips of surviving a log distant relationship with your certain other and put an end to the myths about having a long distant relationship!


Trust is everything! If you and your significant other don’t trust each other than you should kiss the relationship goodbye! You need to be able to trust that your lover can be out and living his life away from you without thinking that he’s up to no good. Different scenarios may cross your mind at times but its up to you to kick those scenarios to the curb and trust your man! Not only should he assure you that there is no one else on his mind but you need to assure him the same as well. It takes two to tango and you need t make sure your man has nothing but good thoughts about you living far away from him. All of this can be done with constant contact! Answer the calls and texts and reassure one another that you guys are perfectly fine.



How do you get past the fact that you are unable to see your significant other as much as before? How do you satisfy your craving to see him and have him near you? You can’t fully satisfy the craving but phone calls, video chatting and constant texting will make him feel a little closer. Not only will it be frustrating not to see one another but it will also be very frustrating sexually not being able to have one another for a long period of time! This calls for some kinky phone calls and interesting video chats with one another. Keep it fun and exciting, just because you two are thousands of miles away one another does not mean you can’t keep your sex life alive. Not only will it bring you two closer but it will also release a lot of built up tension!


How do you keep the love alive? How do you guys stay close and not distance yourselves from one another? Make sure you two are on the same page! This means having serious talks to one another about your future together and reassuring one another that there is future between you two. Also, surprising one another is always fun and exciting to do! Sending surprise gifts or surprising him with an unexpected visit are the things that will keep you guys closer.



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