Do’s and Don’ts When Having A Girls Night Out!

There are so many Dos and Donts when going out with your girls! Not only are there major girl codes that need to be enforced but there are also major boundaries that should not be crossed. Just because it’s a night to let loose does not mean it’s a night to let everything loose! Your girls love you but don’t ruin their night by having them take care of your wildness and disgusting puke everywhere. It can be a little hard to maintain your classiness with all the alcohol in your system but it can be done! With the proper tips and tricks, you can easily have an amazing night without the embarrassing stories in the morning.


Remind your girls about ALL the girl codes they need to remember for the night! How many girl codes can there be for one night out? A LOT! First, make up a signal that will alert your friend for when she needs to save you from a guy you’re not interested in. Sometimes it’s obvious but other times it can be a little hard to figure out! Second, don’t let one another drunk text ex boyfriends or current crushes. This is a MAJOR code that needs to be pushed! If you catch your friend on her phone for a long period of time then it’s time to check up on her and see whether or not she’s making a mistake! Third, do not let your friends go home with any guy, cute or ugly! You’re friend is most likely intoxicated out of her mind and will not remember this in the morning so save her from the “walk of shame” and do not let her go home with anyone else but you guys.


How do we know how much to drink without getting too wild? Chances are if you don’t know your limit by now then you should not be drinking more than one cockatiel for the night. If you do know your limit then always abide by it when you’re out in public. Everyone’s had their fair share of embarrassing drunk stories while out at a bar or club and that’s where they should stay, in the past! You don’t want to be that girl who constantly gets to drunk and makes a fool out of herself whenever she goes out! Make a fool of yourself behind closed doors with your closest friends, not in public.


Wear something that won’t bite you in the ass once the night is over! Which means take caution into what you wear just in case something happens. First, no sheer dresses or clothing! You don’t want your bra or underwear to show in pictures or be visible when walking past a cute guy. Second, always wear underwear when you’re on a night out with your girls. You may not know how tipsy you’re going to get and a cooch slip is never cute! So cover up your goods just to be cautious for the night. Third, don’t wear heels you can’t handle! You don’t want to be that girl who’s dragging her feet across the club because she can’t handle such a high platform for a long period of time. And you NEVER want to turn to taking off your heels in the club/bar or even the parking lot!

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