Comic Inspired Looks

Comic inspired looks have been really popular over the year! From crazy comic inspired nails to cool and trendy comic inspired outfits, these looks are all over the media! These looks can either be achieved at a salon or be done right at home with your own skills. The makeup inspired looks are the ones you might not want to take out for stroll but they’re definitely ones you would like to try out for Halloween!  Don’t hesitate to try these looks out for fun either! They can be very fun to try out and can be extremely satisfying to know you can pull such a great look off.


Comic inspired nails have been super popular this year! They’re fun, creative and can be fit to suit your style. There are so many different styles and looks to choose from that it makes it fun to be able to create your own look. This cute pink, white and back comic inspired nail look is an awesome look to try out this summer!


This is another cute comic inspired look that would be fun to try out! It has more prints and styles added to the look which makes it even more fun to rock. You can change around the prints and colors to fit your style as well. Try it out!


These nails are super creative and different from the rest! They include actual comic cartoons which make them so much more fun to wear. From the cartoon lipstick to the cartoon legs, these fun and trendy nails are incredibly cute to rock this summer!


These comic inspired nails are also edgy and fun to try out! They include different styles and looks which can be very trendy for you summer looks.


Comic inspired lips are so cool to try at home! There are plenty of tutorials online that can show you how to achieve this insane look for yourself. It may not be the makeup look you want from a day to day basis but it definitely is a look to try for Halloween or any dress-up party!


Here is a quick tutorial on how to achieve a comic inspired lip look! Start off with your basic lipstick, outline it with black, add a little more affect on the inner lips, add the glossy look with some white eyeliner and you’re done!


It may be hard to believe that this look made with makeup and not Photoshop but it is! These insane make up looks are so realistic that it actually takes your ordinary makeup to a whole other level. From the outlines to the fake tear drops, there is no denying the art behind these looks.


This makeup look was done by a more experienced makeup artist which would explain why this woman can easily be mistaken by a cartoon comic character! From the hair to the skin tone, the makeup artist did wonders on this look! It may take some time but these are incredible looks that you should try out for fun or for Halloween!

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