The Perfect Sandals For The Right Occasion

Sandals are an ultimate favorite during spring and summer! They keep our feet cool, comfy and extremely stylish. There is no limit to how many sandals a girl can own! They come in handy and are a major necessity when creating our spring and summer wardrobe. There are so many different styles and looks for every type of occasion! From a Beach Sandal to a Date Night Sandal, these sandals truly finish off our outfits! The only question is which sandal to wear for a certain type of occasion? This question can be tricky but can be easily solved. We have TONS of sandals at that can fit any type of occasion! From cute Gladiator Sandals to adorable T-Strap Sandals, we’ve got it all at affordable prices! Check these cute and cheap sandals that would be great additions to your closet!


Gladiator Sandals are great to style during the summer! These cute sandals can be rocked to any day outing with the girls or our hubby. From a shopping trip to a brunch date, these pair of sandals can finish off your outfit! Gladiator sandals can be tricky to style sometimes but it can still be achieved. These adorable Gladiator Sandals can be rocked with a pair of distressed shorts, cute white T and some matching accessories!


These Cute Gem Incrusted Sandals can be worn out to any day outing like a shopping trip, baby shower or brunch date with the girls. The gems on the sandals will help your outfit stand out from the crowd and give your look a touch of glamour that it needs! T-strap sandals are easy to slip on and extremely comfy to walk in. Rock these cute sandals with an A-Line Dress and some matching accessories!


Date Night Sandals! It’s much easier to style your date night outfit with black or neutral colored sandals. It’s also great to wear sandals that are styled with chains or gems on them. This makes your look stand out more! These sandals are a great example of what to wear out on a date night!


These sandals are extremely cute and preppy to rock on any day outing like a picnic! They strap securely on your feet while giving your outfit the cutest finishing touch. Sandals like these are also great to wear out on different occasions where you might be walking a lot! They strap onto your feet nicely so you won’t constantly have to hear the annoying flapping noise most sandals make!


These cute Thong Sandals are great to wear out to the beach or poolside party! They slip on and off easily which can come in handy when you’re walking on and off the sand or when you’re coming in and out of the pool! Thong Sandals don’t always need to be boring either, which is why these flower and gem incrusted sandals is a great choice for you! Rock these babies with your favorite bikini and you’ll be the life of the party!

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