Most Romantic Places to Visit With Your Hubby

A weekend filled with dinner and a movie can get a little old after a while!  Weekends should be cherished and used wisely. So why not try something new with your hubby? Like a get romantic getaway!  Whether it’s going on a road trip a couple of miles away or traveling half way around the world, there are so many romantic places that are great for couple to come visit! Not only do these places include the most romantic landmarks but they also have the most breathtaking scenery and unforgettable activities that you can experience with your special someone. Take a look at some of our favorite “Couple Vacation Spots” and experience the once in a life time experience with the love of your life!


Paris in the winter has got to be one of the most romantic places to be with your special someone! Its known to be the city filled with love and romance and winter is known to be the season of love!  From the incredible landmarks to the delicious food, Paris in the winter is the romantic place to be! Not only is it breath taking to see the famous Eiffel tower light up at night but there are tons of romantic filled activities that can be done in Paris!


Italy is also known to be the land of romance! There are so many incredible and breath taking landmarks to visit in one place. Not only is it incredibly beautiful but the pasta and wine is to die for!  One landmark that is especially romantic is the Bridge of Sigh. It’s an Italian superstition that if you kiss your loved one on a gondola, during the sunset, under this bridge then you two will have guaranteed eternal love! Whether or not it may be true, it sure is cute!


Another romantic place to visit while in Italy is this Bridge Of Love! This incredible bridge is filled with locks from thousands of couples who have written their names on a padlock, locked the lock onto the bridge and tossed the key into the river right by the bridge! This superstition is said to give you and your partner eternal love!


Lovers Point located in Pacific Grove, CA! This place great to visit if you don’t want to travel half way around the world to share a special moment with your hubby! This incredible shore is one of the only places where you can watch the sunrise over the water. It’s incredibly beautiful and romantic place to share with your special someone.


If you two would love to get away from the city and busy streets then Bali is the place to be! You and your significant other will be surrounded by nature’s beauty and romantic sceneries! The Ubad Hanging Garden is an incredibly beautiful place to be with your hubby. One of the most romantic places to share a moment with your hubby is on the infinity pool that is designed to make you feel as though you were floating over the forest!

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