Fun and Edible Shot Glasses

The party season is here! Summer is the time for amazing parties and fun filled vacations with your girls! Drinks are being passed around and shots are being poured. But what’s better than some shots? Taking them in edible shot glasses! These shot glasses can be easy to make and incredibly fun to take shots from. It’s different, creative and can turn any boring party into a fun filled event! From shot glasses made out of fruit to shot glasses made out of fruit, these edible shot glasses will be sure to give you the greatest time! Check them out and try it for your next upcoming party!


These yummy shot glasses are made out of ice cream cones! This fun and creative idea is super easy to make and delicious to eat once the shots are done. All you need is mini ice cream cones, 1 lb of melted chocolate (for a pack of 36 cones) and sprinkles to substitute salt around the rim! Coat the entire inside with melted chocolate and dip the rims of the cone in chocolate as well. Right after dipping the cones in melted chocolate you will need to dip the cones in any desired sprinkles! Enjoy!


Chocolate cookie shot glasses is incredibly tasty and fun to try with chocolate liquor! These glasses are super easy to make and even easier to chow down after using them. All you need is cookie dough and oven safe shot glasses. Mold the glasses with the cookie dough and bake them in the oven as instructed. Once they’re done baking, gently slip the cookie mold off of the shot glasses! Pour it with your sweet liquor and enjoy!


These fun and yummy strawberry shot glasses are incredible to serve at any party! You can enjoy them with one bite and fill your taste buds up with pure goodness! All you need are strawberries, jell-o mix, tequila and salt. Make the jell-o mix with the tequila, cute the tips of each strawberry off and scoop out the insides. Once the insides of the strawberries are empty, fill in each strawberry with the jell-o mix. Cool the strawberries in the fridge until ready and dip the rims in salt! Enjoy!


These frozen margarita shot glasses are amazing, especially in the summer! Serve them at any pool party and they’ll be the talk of the party! All you need is the margarita mix, tequila and shot glass molder (can be bought online). Fill up the molder with your own margarita mix and freeze is until it’s ready. Fill each glass with tequila and enjoy!


Looking for something a little sweeter? Well these Arrowhead shot glasses are just for you! All you’ll need is several strips of arrowheads, your favorite vodka or tequila and a cutting knife. First, warm up your arrowheads in the microwave for about 15 seconds (this makes it easier to mold them). Second, roll one strip of Arrowhead (as seen in the upper right photo). With another strip, cut out a circle in the exact same size as the bottom of your rolled up Arrowhead. Once you’re done making these shot glasses, place them on freezer paper over a pan and let them freeze for about an hour. Enjoy!

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