First Dates Do’s and Don’ts

The first date can be very nerve wrecking! Not only do you want to look good but you also want to leave a great first impression! You want to leave him wanting more of you after this first date; you want him to desire your conversations and company after this night! So what do you say, do or wear without leaving a bad impression on him? What do you NOT say, do or wear without leaving a bad impression on him? There are so many questions on mastering the perfect first date and we’ve got the answers! From the right outfit to the right topic of conversations, there is no need to worry because we are here to fill your head with the best advice on mastering the first date!


First, the look is EVERYTHING! You want to look cute and sexy without doing too much. Which means DON’T over exaggerate on the hair and makeup. You want to look cute and not like a clown! Most guys love a natural look on a girl so cutting back on the colorful makeup and the teased hair can be a good thing for this date. Also, the outfit all really depends on the date itself. A day date outfit and a night date outfit can be very different! If this is a day date to the pier or brunch you DO wear a cute summer dress, wedges and light accessories. You do NOT wear a hoochie dress, 6 inch heels and heavy jewelry! If this is a night date to dinner and the movies you DO wear dark skinnies, a cute blouse and some amazing single sole pumps! Be conservative while also being a little sexy, show a little skin. There is nothing wrong with being a little sexy on the first date!


Show your manners! Men want a woman and not a little girl, which means men shouldn’t have to be the only ones who show their manners and class on the first date. Being a lady is always important when leaving a first impression! DO say thank you when he opens the door or slides a chair open for you. DO order fairly cheap off the menu, the point is to enjoy a dinner with him and NOT break his wallet! DO NOT burp, blow your nose, or cuss at the table. Cussing is part of several people’s vocabulary but cutting back on this habit is a major key to having a good date. Also, stay off your phone! Don’t text, check your social networks or answer unimportant phone calls.


DO keep the conversation fun and interesting; DO NOT make it too personal! Talk about your interests and hobbies on the first date. Keep the conversations going with funny experiences and cute stories! Ask him about his hobbies and interests without giving him the third degree. DO NOT keep the conversation all about you! No one likes a conceited person. You want to seem interested in him just as much as he’s interested in you! DO NOT get too personal when sharing your bad past experiences or stories. You want to save these conversations for later on in the relationship! DO NOT ask him if he wants kids, to get married or if he is looking for a serious relationship. These are all topics that will come later on down the line during other dates! DO NOT bring up ex boyfriends either! Men never want to hear about the loser that was before him. And lastly, DO NOT talk about any type of medication you may be on! You don’t want him to think he’s dealing with a mental case.

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