Three Ways To Look Slim and Sexy This Summer

Summer is a season where you want to be able to show off your body, but some people may be a little reluctant to do so.  Maybe you haven’t been able to meet your goal weight loss goal, or maybe you feel that you look a bit heavier than you thought.  Regardless of how you feel, everyone wants to be able to be comfortable and look good when the temperatures rise.

image: fringe monokiniSome women hate the summer since they have to say good-bye to some of their baggy sweaters and jeans, but you don’t have to hide your body if you want to look skinny.  Rocking sexy swimsuits can be easy if you have the right accessories to go with it.  If you’re interested in losing weight you should always strive to improve your diet and to get more exercise, but if you need to look skinny now there are some things you can do make yourself seem slimmer.

Be fair and balanced

If you want to look skinny, proportion is your friend.  Focus on:

  • the proportion between your top half and your bottom half
  • the details of your basic bone structure
  • the width of your shoulders
  • the length of your neck
  • the width of your hip bones.

It may seem like a lot of work, but examining these areas are important for understanding your shape.  If your top half is larger than your bottom half, you should choose styles that minimize the top and draw more attention to your bottom half.  If your bottom half is bigger than your top half you would do the opposite.  Be sure to pay attention to body details like your torso (long, short), bosom (high, low, large, or small), hips (wide side-to-side or wide front-to-back), and recognizing where you carry the most weight.

Change your makeup

If you want to look slimmer this summer, try doing something a little new with your make-up.  High cheekbones can help you look thinner, but if you don’t have them naturally they’re easy to create.  Pick up a 3 toned blush palette and put the darkest tone just below your cheek bone, then brush the medium tone right above the dark tone and the lightest tone to finish it off.  Also if you want to draw attention upward, try toning down the rest of your make-up so you can accentuate one area on your face like your lips or your eyes.

Accessorize Correctly

You already know how the right shoes or accessories can really bring an outfit together, and the right accessories can help you achieve an overall slim look.  Try wearing some shoes with pointy toes, the long toes lengthen the legs and give them a thinner and longer look.  If you’re curvier try carrying a large clutch for purse or a tiny handbag so that your bag better matches your proportion.  You should also try to ad belts to your wardrobe, they help create and hourglass shape and make you look more proportionate.

What are other things you do to look slimmer?

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