Nutella Heaven!

Nutella, the hazelnut cream that has come to be our favorite dessert! This delicious cream is in almost every kitchen in America! From spreading it over a hot piece of toast to spreading it on some juicy strawberries, we have come to love this mouth watering treat! Though many of us try and stay away from the sugars and sweets, Nutella is one sugar filled treat that is worth eating. Nutella is incredibly delicious and can be thrown into so many desserts! From cakes to croissants, we’ve got some amazing Nutella Dessert ideas that will have your taste buds begging for more!


Strawberries are great to mix in with any Nutella dessert. This Strawberry and Nutella Layered Cake is a great example of the mouthwatering combination! It has the sweet and chocolate taste with a kick of freshness. This cake a great dish to make for any special occasion or for your family at home! It’s incredibly delicious and will really show people your amazing baking skills!


Like I’ve mentioned before, strawberries are great o mix into any nutella dish! This Strawberry-Nutella Panini is a life changer! This warm dessert will have your taste buds screaming for more. Not only is it incredibly delicious but it’s a great dish to share with your family and friends on any occasion. Try this dish out for yourself and let us know what you think!


The mother of all cookies have got to be this delicious Nutella filled cookie! Its soft, chewy and filled with Nutella goodness that will spread through out your mouth and change your dessert life! This cookie can be very easy to make and even easier to devour. Make these cookies and share the Nutella love with your coworkers, family and friends!


Everyone’s favorite finger food has got to be nachos! But what about Nutella Nachos? This life changing dish will have you and your party hyped for more! This nacho plate consists of sugar pita chips, fresh strawberries, toasted marshmallows and bananas tops with the infamous Nutella topping! There is not a Nutella lover in the world who wouldn’t love to try this mountain of pure goodness!


Nutella Cheesecake is a great dish to make for dessert! It may take some time but it can be done and you will not be disappointed by the results! This amazing dessert is great to share with people who have a sweet tooth like you! So don’t be shy and spread your Nutella knowledge!


A Nutella Martini! Who said you can’t have your dessert and get your buzz on at the same time? This delicious drink is an amazing drink to make with your girls or at a holiday party! These sweet cockatiels are extremely popular during Thanksgiving or Christmas. So try it for yourself, it might just be your new favorite drink!


One of the easiest Nutella Desserts to make would be the Nutella Filled Croissants! They’re sweet, filling and extremely easy to achieve! All you’ll need is your regular Pillsbury croissants and spread the Nutella inside before rolling them up and popping them in the oven!

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