Kimye: A Couple That Matches Together Stays Together

The newlyweds, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, have been plastered all over the media for over the past year! Everything from a newborn baby, a surprise engagement, romantic get a ways and the most talked about wedding of the year, this couple has had the best year of their lives! Aside from their gorgeous daughter and fantastic lifestyle, fans are also obsessing over their amazing sense of style! It’s no news that Kanye West has changed Kim Kardashians sense of style a little bit and turned it up a notch. This starlet has turned in her sexy bombshell wardrobe in for something a little more slick and chic! We loved her old look but we love this new look even better. They’re sense of style is so similar now that they’ve been seen rocking similar outfits! Cute, right? Take a look at some of our favorite Kimye Outfit Moments!


Kim K was seen rocking an all black outfit similar to Kanye’s when she was leaving her photo shoot in NYC! Though Kanye West did rock this look first, Kim pulled it off way better than him. She might have gained a new look but there is no getting rid of her crazy sex appeal!


Bomber jackets are a new favorite item in this couples wardrobe! These two were seen rocking similar looks while out running errands. Kim K defiantly got this look from Kanye!


Matching furs were an obvious necessity for these two! Whether or not these fur scarves may be real or not, they look amazing on them. Kim K rocked a chic and soft look while Kanye went for a punk and edgy look to style his fur accessory! Who nailed the look best? Its safe to say that they both did a good job.


This couple might be all about looking chic and fabulous but they do have their bum days! These love birds have both been seen rocking a laid back outfit that is finished off with a plaid button up. Kim K rocked this shirt around her waist while Kanye wore it and rocked a sweater around his waist instead!


Ripped jeans are one of this seasons must-have item and Kimye did not lose one second in rocking them! These two were both seen out on separate occasions while rocking distressed jeans and looked great while doing so! Who wore it better? Kim did!


White on white never looked so good! This famous duo was both seen rocking the hell out of some amazing white suits while out on separate occasions. They both looked slick, chic and incredibly hot in these outfits. It’s safe to say that they both did a great job at wearing these ensembles!


Kim was seen non-stop rocking her amazing trench coats! Whether she was out getting dinner or having a shopping in Paris, this starlet was seen with one of her trench coats. It seems as though Kanye jumped on Kims band wagon for once and joined her on this look!


Denim on denim is a hard style to pull off but this couple had no trouble at doing so! These two were seen around the same time while rocking this look and looked amazing.

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