Barbie Inspired Looks

Barbie was a role model for many of us as children! As young girls, we looked up to her beauty and gorgeous features. Till this day we still favor her looks and get inspired by her classic sense of style! Barbie has inspired many designers, makeup artists and hair dressers around the world and helped create some of their timeless master pieces. Not only was Barbie an all American doll but she was also one of the biggest fashion role models of all time! From her cute hair updo’s to her famous outfits, Barbie is no ordinary doll! Recreating her looks and getting inspired by her style is a great and fun way to style your own look! Check out these amazing inspired looks that may just work for you!


Barbie makeup inspired looks are constantly being used by different makeup artists all over the world! Barbie’s makeup is so simple yet so girly and glamorous that it has so many ladies out there wanting this look! These makeup inspired looks consist of baby pink shadows and blush, glitter pigments and long and extravagant eyelashes! This creates a beautiful look that resembles Barbie’s classic makeup.


Barbie lip inspired looks are also very popular to recreate! Beautiful full and pink lips have become an ultimate favorite in the makeup community. Its girly, glamorous and extremely cute on any girl who wants to try out this look for herself!



Barbie inspired nails is so popular all year around! The most popular time of year to have these Barbie pink nails are during spring or summer because of the vibrant and bright colors that Barbie brings! The classic oval shape that Barbie has has become so popular over the years! From celebrities to your ordinary girl, these nails have become so popular!


Barbie inspired nails come in so many different styles! These Barbie inspired nails are extremely cute and fun to rock in the summer. From the baby pink color to the pearl outlining, it’s a great way to try something different on your nails!


Barbie updo’s are also very popular and great to rock on a hot day! This cute updo is inspired from one of Barbie’s classic looks in the 70’s! Its super fun and cute and can easily be achieved in a short period of time.


Here is another Barbie inspired updo that is extremely popular in the spring and summer! It cute and sexy and also helps keep the hair out of the hair on a hot summer’s day. There are several tutorials online that can help you achieve this look in a matter of minutes!


Barbie inspired outfits are so cute to create and style during the spring and summer! It brings out bright colors in your wardrobe and gives you the cutest look to rock on any occasion! Pink may not be everyone’s favorite color but it can really brighten up your days. Try out these looks for yourself this summer and watch all eyes turn on you!

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