Kimye’s Wedding in Florence!

The most talked about wedding has finally arrived! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally tied the knot over the weekend in Florence! This engagement has been the top of conversation since their daughter, North, was born. Everyone was dying to catch a glimpse of a wedding dress, venue or even a wedding date! The couple said “NO!”, they released no information on their magical day! As we all know, Kanye West, absolutely hates paparazzi and wanted no business with them on his wedding day. Their reality TV show wasn’t even allowed to film this wedding! This wedding was so secured and protected that there were only a few photos captured of the ceremony and her leave! Who would blame them? This couple is constantly being swarmed by paparazzi and is constantly being talked by the media! They wanted this one day to themselves and the ones they cared about most so they did everything they could to keep it private.

So what little details do we know about this huge event?! For one, the guest list was out of this world! The world’s most prestige people attended this magical wedding. Everyone from millionaire rappers to top of the line designers came and shared this moment with the newlyweds! Even though there wasn’t much captured on this day, paparazzi did capture the couple being married in the most beautiful rooftop venue overlooking Florence! It was mid-day and the place was surrounded by white roses! There was even a wall of roses set as the backdrop (similar to the wall of roses Kanye West gave Kim K on Mother’s day). The guests came in all black, bridesmaids were in all white and Kim Kardashian wore the most breathtaking White Lace Dress that fit her figure so perfectly! Kanye West and the rest of his men were dressed in the traditional black suits.

The couple then left in a fairytale carriage being pushed by a white horse and a man in a suit! There wasn’t much information released on the party but Instagram did get tons of photos from their amazing photo booth! Friends, designers, stylists and family took unforgettable pictures with the newlyweds to remember this amazing day! There were rumors that the party venue was also decked out in white roses and the most extravagant decorations! So how much did this wedding cost? After flying in family and friends, a week of extravagant festivities, covering guests’ hotel fees, wedding party in Versailles, Lana Del Ray performance and the most extravagant wedding and dress of the century this couple spent nearly 2.8 million dollars!!!! Talk about “The wedding of your dreams”!


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