the best heels for the right occasion

Who doesn’t love a good pair of heels? Whether they’re six inch pumps or a pair half inch wedges, every woman has their fair share of shoes! We love them and take care of them like they’re our children. There’s something about a pair of shoes that can light up a woman’s day! The only question is how to know when your heels are appropriate for a certain occasion. Is there a heel that is made for all occasions? Am I doing too much or am I doing too little with my shoe choice? There is no need to wonder anymore because we have the perfect list of heels for the right occasion!

best-heels1 Single Sole heels are a great choice when going out to brunch, shopping or other day activities with your girls or hubby! These heels can be very comfy and appropriate for a day out. They’re not too high and they’re not too low in heel either. You can choose any strappy heels, booties or sandal pumps to wear out! The correct colored shoe to wear really depends on the season. If its spring you go with pastels, summer you go with brighter colors, fall you go with neutrals and when its winter it’s better to wear darker colors!


Summer BBQ’S or pool parties welcome wedges! Whether they’re high in heel or low, wedges are always a great choice in the summer. Wedges can be very comfortable and great to party in. The best choice in color would either be a neutral color to match your outfit better or a bright shade to bring out the summer vibe!


High heel platforms are meant for clubbing or parties with your friends! There is no way these pumps should be worn to the office, school, church or any other conservative occasions! These babies are meant to make you look sexy, tall and beautiful when out at a club or any other similar event. Colors to wear to a club or event can vary! It really all depends on your outfit. Black is the most popular color girls choose to wear to the club but if you want to stand out from the crowd then brighter colors is the way to go!


Choosing the appropriate shoe on the first date can be very tricky! You don’t want to over tower your date but then you don’t want to look too conservative in kitten heels. The best heels to wear are either single sole pumps or heels that are low in platform! You want have the illusion of longer legs without being too tall on the first date. Colors can vary but black is probably your best bet! A little animal print or gold accent can do a lot for your look as well.



Heels at the office! Low high heels or single sole heels are the best to wear to the office. Platforms and six inch heels are out of the question! Colors should also be toned down. Black or neutrals are great choices!

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