Celebrity Power Couples!

In this day and age we’d be surprised to even see a couple last in the media! From mistress scandals to crazy fights, there haven’t been too many celebrities that actually last together in the spotlight and are still strong and happy! Money and fame can do a lot of damage to a couple which is why we praise the couples who have lasted for so long. But what makes a power couple other than their fame? It’s their strength as a couple and as a person that keeps them humble. It’s the ability to be able to move forward with each other and not alone that keep these couples together. A power couple does not only do well for each other but for others around them as well! Take a look at some of America’s best celebrity power couples.

celebrity-power-couples1 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has been one of Hollywood’s oldest power couples! This duo was a dream when they first got together and are a dream still till this day. After having six kids, health problems and a busy work schedule, this couple has managed to stay strong and more powerful than ever! This couple is reportedly worth $240 million dollars! And they don’t keep this money to themselves either. They have given up to 8 million dollars to one of Angelina’s favorite charity cases!

celebrity-power-couples2 Who doesn’t love Beyoncé and jay z? This power couple has been strong and happy for years! They have done such an amazing job at keeping their love life out of the media which is probably why their marriage is so successful! After having their first born and releasing huge albums, this couple has recently been more in the media than ever! But that won’t stop them from being Hollywood’s perfect couple! Beyoncé and Jay z actually own their own charity case that helps underprivileged kids have a great education. This duo is reportedly worth $900 million dollars! They are one of America’s richest couples! The one thing that we love about this couple is that they don’t stop working their way to the top.

celebrity-power-couples3Kimye has become one of Hollywood’s most recent power couples! This duo has been the most googles couple since their first born child, North, was born. After having their ups and downs with Kim K’s ex-husband, Kimye have finally reached the date of their own fairytale wedding! This power couple is worth $150 million dollars! No, they’re not greedy with it either! There are reports that this couple pays a huge part in donating for different charity cases!

celebrity-power-couples4 The obvious power couple would have to be Barack and Michelle Obama! This duo has hit every charity event and low poverty neighborhoods to make a change. They do not just sign checks, they are a hands on couple that media has come to love and appreciate. The one thing that warms everyone’s heart is how affectionate and loving Obama is about his wife and kids! No matter the media, press or false rumors, this power couple has stayed strong through it all!

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