Succeeding in Denim on Denim!

Denim on denim has become quiet the trend lately! Many runways have embraced this trend and so have many starlets. Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Rihanna have successfully rocked this trend and have inspired many others to do the same! We all know this denim on denim can be pulled off but how? How does one successfully pull off denim on denim without looking tacky? Here are some tips and examples on how to make this trend your bitch!

Tips: Rocking denim on denim can be hard but one of the biggest tricks is to style different washes! The same wash will just look bad. Another tip, don’t over do it! Two pieces of denim, some pumps and accessories can go a long way! Keep it chic not trashy. Also, breaking up the denim top and bottoms with a belt can be a huge difference and really help your outfit stand out!

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