Rihanna on vogue & lui

We all know singer, Rihanna, for her killer voice, amazing style and insane sex appeal! This Barbados beauty has been relevant to the media and music business since she was 17 years old with her many amazing hits, relationship drama, movie roles and her super cute clothing line. Over the years, Rihanna has also been featured on the cover of hundreds of magazines! From Seventeen to Vogue, she has wowed us all with her gorgeous features and her photogenic face. Rihanna has most recently been working her butt off for two different magazine issues in May! The photos have been leaked and they are phenomenal!

It’s no secret that Rihanna loves her body! She could wear nothing at all and still be considered one of the most glamorous women of all time. So this is why Vogue Brazil featured Rihanna in their May issue, topless! Styled with some gorgeous gold jewelry and a couple pieces of clothing, Rihanna killed this issue!

The whole issue wasn’t completely topless but Rihanna still managed to make everything look so darn good! From high waisted panties to bomber jackets, she completely amazed us with her gorgeous looks and phenomenal modeling talent. Her beautifully bronzed skin and gorgeous green eyes are what really popped out in these photos!

If you thought Vogue’s spread was a little frisky then you should see her issue in Lui’s Magazine! She went nude for this spread and we love every shot of it. Rihanna featured some extreme tan lines and gorgeous pumps in this issue of Lui and looked gorgeous while doing so.

Many people are raging over the internet about how inappropriate these shots are but so many more people seem to love it! It’s about embracing one’s body without a care in the world! Go Riri!

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