Diy: Studded Madness!

DIY projects are always fun and helpful especially when they’re for items you might come to use a lot! One of our favorite DIY projects to do is DIY Clothing. Its always fun and cute to put your own twist and personality to your clothing! This can give you and a cool look without breaking a budget. Now, there are plenty of DIY Clothing projects out there but our number one favorite is, studded clothing! Studded clothing has become so popular throughout every season! Whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, studded clothing is always fierce and trendy. You can stud anything you’d like! From hats to shoes, there is no end to the possibilities. Here are a couple of our favorite DIY Studded Clothing projects!


Studded converse have come to be a favorite for many! This cute style allows you to be cute, comfy and very trendy! All you’ll need is some converse, studs and pliers to help fasten those studs in your shoes.


Flats are such a great necessity for spring so why not add some cute studs to perfect the look? This will give you a cool edge to your preppy shoes. All you’ll need is any pair of flats, flat back studs and some super glue! Follow the instructions in the photo and you’ll be done in no time!


Studded shorts are incredibly popular this spring and summer! Especially high waisted shorts. This gives you a cute and edgy hipster look to your spring ensemble. Not only is it adorable but it’s incredibly easy to make! High waisted shorts can be found at any thrift store and your studs can be bought at any fabric store. Pop in the studs and you’ll have a great look without breaking your budget


Vans are so cute and comfy to rock in the spring or summer so let’s dazzle them up a little and add some cool studs! All you’ll need is a pair of vans, glue, stick and some cute studs! Follow the instructions and you’ll be set in no time!


There is nothing wrong with some colorful beanies in the spring and summer! These babies will look even better with some added studs.


Studded bows are incredibly cute and creative! These can be worn with any blouse or on any ponytail!


Studded bras are incredibly cute to wear to any event like Coachella, EDC or other music festivals! It’s cute, sexy and very creative. Festival tickets can be so expensive on their own so this DIY idea can come in handy for those of you who need a cute and affordable outfit! Just follow the instructions in the photo and you’ll be done in no time!

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