Kimye On Vogue

The Hip Hop Artist and Reality Tv Show Duo, Kim and Kayne West, have really made a name for themselves since they began dating! This power couple has become one of the most talked about couple in the media and have become even bigger after the birth of their first daughter, North. There is no stopping this couple when it comes down to fame and publicity. They’re on everyone’s news feed and blogs! From extraordinary cars, shopping trips to Paris, high end fashion styles and overall glamorous lifestyle; this couple is being talked about everywhere!

After all the major publicity over Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, they finally landed a cover on Vogue Magazine! The spread featured Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their beautiful daughter, North! This created a buzz all over the media. Kimye’s fans were obviously excited but others weren’t so thrilled. Some people were confused as to why Kim Kardashian was even considered to be on this cover if she had “NoTalent”. There were so many spoofs and jokes and spoofs about Vogue’s next cover issue! Kermit the Frog and Miss. Piggy were even photo shopped on the cover of “Vague” as they mimicked Kimye’s cover! There were even rumors going around that Kanye West had begged Vogue to have his wife on the cover. Writers of Vogue came out and denied these allegations and announced that it was their idea to put this power couple on their cover. They also went on to say that it was a great business move for Vogue to take. They continued to explain how Kimye are obviously huge in the public eye so this magazine would quickly sell a lot of copies.

A lot of people do view Kim Kardashian as being famous for “Nothing”. In reality she is famous for several things! She may not be musically or theater talented but she is an incredible business woman. Kim is the only person out there who has managed to turn a sex tape into the millions and millions of dollars that she has now. She looked at this sex tape as a way up and NOT down. Kim Kardashian has since then made several perfumes, signed onto multiple contracts with huge companies, modeled for tremendous amounts of magazine covers and has built two incredible empires with her sisters, The Kardashian Kollection and DASH! She isn’t only a business woman but a fashion icon as well! People can trash talk Kimye’s Vogue cover all they want but they truly deserved that spot.

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