Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has done an amazing job at separating herself from her sister, Kendall, and has successfully made a name for herself! Along with her older sisters, Kylie Jenner has a phenomenal taste in fashion. The difference between her and her sisters is the edgy and urban look that Kylie has! She is fearless and daring when it comes down to fashion which is why this 16 year old has gained such a huge fan base! Young and older girls want to be her, dress like her and have her sense of style. From the fierce clothing to the unique nail trends, Kylie Jenner makes sure to share her lovely taste with all her fans! She has built an incredible fan connection on instagram, twitter, keek and even Tumblr! Tumblr is one of the social networks where Kylie gets to share her personality with her fans and truly connect with them on another level. It’s like her own little diary and girls everywhere have fallen in love with it. Though Kylie does carry a lot of cool and genuine traits, fashion is one of her biggest trademarks right now! The media has captured her in all the hottest styles and trends which makes her one of our favorite celebs. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite looks by Kylie Jenner!

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