Updo’s for Spring 2014

Spring has arrived which means it’s time to throw away our beanies and start perfecting our hairstyles! Spring is all about the wavy hair, braids, buns and ponytails! They’re all great for the sunnier days and can be extremely cute with your spring outfit. Many celebrities have also been seen in their braids and ponytails recently which is why so many of these updo’s have become so popular lately! Whether you have long hair or short hair, these hairstyles are will inspire you to get creative and flirty with your hairstyles for this upcoming season!


A side braid is always cute and flirty and can go well with any spring dress! Not only is this due extremely adorable but it’s also easy to achieve. There are many types of braids you can add to this side ponytail from a fish braid to the original braid!


A messy bun can do no wrong around any season! Its cute, laid back and perfect for any occasion! Not only is it trendy but it’ll keep you extremely look for these hotter days we are about to witness! Many celebrities from Vanessa Hudgens to Gwen Stefani love rocking this look to the red carpet or to their day-to-day outings!


We love this messy look! There is a braid piece that wraps around the head as well as a side braid which is very fun and creative. The messy and hipster hair do is perfect for any upcoming event like Coachella!


Is Kim Kardashian bringing the side bangs back? She most definitely is! So many girls are raging out over her slightly shorter, one sided hair do! Its chic, laid back and extremely popular this spring! Add a couple waves to it and you’ll be good to go.


The Ombre wavy look seems to have made its way back from spring of 2013! Many celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Ciara have been seen rocking this look for this season. It’s cute, trendy and perfect for spring! If the ombre look doesn’t work for you then the messy waves are still great to try out! It can work on both short and long hair!


This dutch inspired braid is also perfect for Coachella or any other upcoming events! It’ll keep you nice and cool while looking cute and trendy! The updo has been seen on several celebrities from Beyonce to Khloe Kardashian! It’s a great look for spring and can be rocked with any spring ensemble!

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