CEO: Yang Yang has been one of the hottest and most affordable places to shop since 2004! With their incredible sales, trendiest items and interesting social media pages, Amiclubwear has not only built an empire but a fan base as well. People have come to love this website for their sexy taste in fashion and for their sweet models who keep in touch with customers through funny and creative YouTube videos! Amiclubwear has sky rocketed since 2004 and have now became one of the most popular sites out there. But who is the mastermind behind this empire? The face behind this hard working and successful company is, Yang Yang!

With hard work and determination, Yang made a little shop on EBay into a multimillion dollar company at such a young age! She isn’t only a proud owner but she is also very hands on with her company. She purchases the entire inventory for the company and even designs her own bikinis for the Amiclubwear Swimwear Collection! Yang loves taking time out of her day to help put together new samples of beautiful swimwear pieces for her customers to rock during the spring and summer!

We sat down with Amiclubwear’s CEO, Yang, and asked her a couple questions about her journey tords building this company!

1. What were your priorities or duties before starting this company? – “I was going to Cambridge University and got my master’s degree in Marketing& Management. Then I worked in a computer company for 3 months.”

2. What inspired you to start this company? And what made you want this certain style for the company? – “I’ve always loved fashion and brand named items but I could never afford such expensive designer clothes. I would also see celebrities wearing the hottest clothes that I was never able to find at affordable prices. This led me to want to start my own company and provide the trendiest new items at cheap prices. I remember it began one year when I was looking for a specific type of fur boots, but couldn’t find them anywhere! I found the manufacturer and had these boots created. Ever since then I have been designing my own boots and heels and selling them on”

3. Were you always interested in business? If so, was fashion always in mind? – “Yes, I have always been interested in business. My father has a big architecture firm and he really inspired me to follow in his footsteps. I learned to draw, paint and sketch to pursue in architecture and went to business school to be a business owner. But fashion interested me more.”

4. When did the business start and how did it start off? – “The business started in 2004 on eBay. It got popular quickly and it started selling over 100 pairs of shoes per month.”

5. How long before the business got popular? – “A month. Then after a year, I started my own website”

6. What makes Ami different from other competitors? – “The variety and fast changes in styles. We upload about 300-1000 new styles daily, no one else is that fast. And we also offer the lowest prices and biggest discounts. We are able to offer such great deals because we spend so much time and effort in hunting down great items!”

7. What do you love most about AMI and what do you think made the company so strong for so long? – “Ami allows me to share my designs with the world and help girls feel beautiful without spending so much money. I also believe that manufacturing and selling our own designs have helped this company stay strong for so long.”

8. What is the best part about owning a business? What’s the worst – “Creating something meaningful and building my own empire is one of the greatest feelings. I also love designing our products and shopping for new inventory. Being hands on with products, photo shoots, campaigns and web designs also bring me a lot of joy! Having to be assertive with my company would have to be the worst.”

9. What’s next for AMI? – “Multiple websites.”

10. What is your proudest moment thus far? – “Giving birth to my beautiful daughter.”

  1. hi,
    my name is aaliyah and I am also a graduate in fashion marketing and management. I feel you inspired me because I am also in the fashion marketing and management degree program. I am looking forward to owning my own business. I am grateful to have my teachers to guide me so I can make it perfect.
    I was wondering what advise would you give me starting up a company?
    also, do you sell whole sale? because I would love to have your shoes featured on my website but with my designs. I believe it would be a great calibration.

  2. Some of the items that are sold goes from sizes S-L, will you ever sell XL for most of the products. My size rages from a L to and XL and when I order a L it fits like a small pretty much I can’t even get it on and all sales are final for clearance, and markdown prices.

  3. I really love your site. Just wish u sold shoes in a 12 or 13 also. I would definitely buy shoes if they were in my size. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. Sept. 26,2015
    I’ve loved your site for a long time. I’m still waiting for more shoes in size 11. I also thank God that you’re offering lower heels.

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