where are they now?

The Disney channel and Nickelodeon have got to be two of the most popular channels out there with the most viewings for young teens or kids! The many celebrities who have been on Disney or Nickelodeon are always portrayed as innocent, cool, calm and sweet kids from the nicer part of town. These celebrities are always happy, singing and full of joy! This leads parents, young fans and the media to believe that these kids are purely innocent in real life as well. Not only has that been proven to be false but it may also have been the reason why so many childhood stars have turned out so crazy! From leaked nudes to twerking on stage, Disney and Nickelodeon has a bucketful of stars that have come across difficult path after retiring from their childhood gigs! These celebrities wanted to come out of their shell and show the media that they’re more than just a Disney or Nickelodeon star. Some are still successful while others ended up in rehab. Here are a couple childhood stars that aren’t so little anymore!

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