What to Wear to your Trip to Vegas

So, you’ve just booked tickets to go to Vegas, the most exciting and entertaining place in the entire country. Lucky you! It could be for your birthday, a bachelorette party, or to simply take a trip to Vegas since you’ve never been there before; no whatever which of these options you decided to embark on, there’s a gigantic guarantee that you’re going to have a blast. Make sure to bring a camera to have lifelong memories of the incredible occasion! However, Vegas outfits have a bit of character: typically, they can be glitzy, glamorous, sparkling, shimmery, full of sequins—in fact, you might as well add a feather boa just for the heck of it—and let’s not forget that this is a time where you can look your most extravagant without getting too many unfavorable glares. Here are a few of the best possible ideas you can consider when going to Vegas.
1. The quintessential little black dress (with or without sparkles or mesh)

This dress pictured above is a perfect example of the many fine Vegas dresses out there. It’s black, sleek, and contains sparkles and even a mesh material at the top which exudes high quality appeal. You could even opt for a sequin dress; remember, in Vegas, bolder is better.

2. A pair of high heels

Duh! High heels are essential; just make sure you can walk in them, especially when you’re touring the casinos. Try wearing heels that are as high and comfortable as possible for you to wear and even consider a nice bold color to go with your dress, such as red.

3. Anything with gold

As we all know, gold makes us look glamorous, so opt for gold jewelry. It can be a ring, a pair of long earrings, or even a chain necklace. Just make sure not to overdo it! Another option is to wear fun gold eyeshadow.

You’re going to have a great time in Vegas—just make sure to plan your outfit accordingly! You’ll be happy about your outfits once you see them in pictures and get the attention of someone cute. Enjoy!

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