3 Amazing Swimsuits to Consider this Summer

3 Amazing Swimsuits to Consider this Summer

Although we’re currently dealing with incredibly cold weather in many parts of the United States, spring will have sprung and summer will shine way before we know. Like most things in life, time passes more quickly than we even tend to notice, so you might as well keep updated on upcoming trends, since this is always a helpful tool when it comes to looking stylish. Here are three amazing swimsuits that you need to try out this summer.

1.The Monokini

This is an extremely sexy swimsuit which comes in a variety of patterns, but always features the same exciting style: the slits in the sides and in the stomach allow for a fresh, modern look. Plus, if you have your belly button pierced, you can show that little gem off without having to wear a bikini. This also has a somewhat thinning appearance to it—people will focus on the lining of the style, which is perfect for anyone who’s a little insecure about their bodies during this summer.

2. The Retro Style Bikini

Let’s be honest, the retro look is coming back and with a true vengeance. This bikini, which features the quintessential high-waist bikini bottom, is perfect if you are looking for that sexy pinup girl look. Try it out in leopard print, bold red or even in bold blue to really achieve that pinup girl appearance.

3. The Two Tone Sexy Three Piece Swimsuit

This is perfect for any girl who is looking to show off something a little bit different, but still adorable! The two tone colors make the outfit eye-catching, whether it’s a mix of pink and cyan blue, lime green and magenta, cobalt blue and yellow, and so on. This is definitely going to attract attention at the shore or at the pool, so give it a try! It’s a nice flirty look, too.

Whether you want to look sexy, retro, or flirty, these three options are perfect for any girl who is visiting the beach or going swimming. Try out any of these three options for size and feel confident walking down the beach!

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