Top 5 half time performances

The Seahawks brought their A game this year at the Super Bowl and took home the winning trophy! Not only did the Seahawks make a memorable moment on the field but so did Bruno Mars with his energetic and rhythmic performance during half time. Did this performance top the other halftime performances from the past? No it was not; well at least some of us didn’t think so. This inspired us to bring you the top 5 most memorable and mind blowing half time performances of all time! From legends to new faces, the super bowl never fails to bring us a great show from some of the most talented artists out there!
5. Bruno Mars

Although Bruno Mars did bring an amazing performance; it still didn’t make it to the number 1 spot on our list. It seemed as though the dramatic lights and stage background are what made this show as great as it was. Bruno Mars started off with his drum solo which was a pretty cool way to start off the show! Then, a choir of little kids appeared and sang one of his earliest songs, “billionaire” which then lead o him performing some of his greatest hits over the past couple years!

Bruno Mars then surprised the older crowds in the audience with a special appearance by The Red Hot Chile Peppers! Though they might be old and outdated, the performances are meant to please every group of age that might be watching from the stands or from home. Many believed that the Chile Peppers ruined Bruno Mars’s show with their special performances but many others believed that it was a great touch and an amazing feeling to see legends back on stage!


When Prince summoned the rain for Purple rain in 2007! This half time performance blew everyone’s mind! Prince is known as a pop legend and an iconic star in this industry so his performance was predicted to be the best! He came first came out and performed his classic songs like “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Proud Mary” and “All Along The Watch Tower”. The crowd was pumped and amazed at how good this legend still had it in him. Girls were screaming and guys were rocking out to his amazing music. He didn’t need much lights or fireworks to show his true talent! But once “Purple Rain” came on, the crowd went ballistic! Cheering and singing along to this all time favorite song that almost everyone in the crowd knew! It was an amazing and memorable show!

3.Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

Janet Jackson came strutting out on stage in 2004 when she showed the super bowl what she was all about! Her dance moves, singing and attitude was amazing from the second she started! Little Miss Jackson was showing the world that there was more to her than just being Michael Jacksons little sister. Too bad that the world only seemed to remember the last 2 seconds of her performance. After she performed her many hits on stage, surprise guest Justin Timberlake jumped on stage to do a duet with Janet Jackson. Once the show was ending Justin Timberlake ripped off a piece of her shirt (All planned) but then accidentally took off the bra with it which exposed her breast to millions of people watching!

This struck controversy and law suits like crazy! There were millions of people complaining asking why they even allowed this on TV! Though Janet Jackson did come out and state that it was all an accident, it still didn’t stop people from blowing this moment out of proportion. The super bowl lost millions of dollars and Janet Jackson was left to have to deal with the media and press bashing her bedazzled nipple!
2.Michael Jackson

The legendary and the very missed, Michael Jackson, made the half time performances what they are today in 1993! This king of pop came out on stage to perform a medley of his all time greatest hits “Jam”, “Billie Jean” and “Black or White”. He then went on to sing “We are the World” as the crowd revealed drawings by the children of Los Angeles. He then ended his show with “Heal The World” and 3500 kids surrounded his stage. The crowd was going insane for this icon! Michael Jackson was huge and a big part of a lot of people’s lives. He touched so many with his incredible music and he made sure to leave an incredible moment on stage once he was done.

1. Beyonce

The Queen Bey was sure to let everyone know that she is indeed the queen of pop! This performance goes down to be one of the most memorable half time performances of all time! This artist blew people’s minds with her vocal skills, amazing song, crazy dances and a surprising performance with Destiny’s Child! She started off with her newest song “Love On Top” and then threw it back to her oldies like “Crazy in Love”. Lights her beaming and her incredible graphic shows were killer on stage!

Once Kelly Rowland and Michelle came out on stage, the crowd went wild! This reunion was the perfect way to bring the super bowl a show of a lifetime! This dup went on to perfume “Bootlylicious” , “Independent Women” and “Single Ladies”. People on the stands and people watching from home blew up the social networks with this performance! Everyone was singing along with this duo and their last performance together!

Beyonce was then followed by dozens of back up dancers dancing with her and rocking out to her amazing music. The animations screens on the ground and behind her gave us an incredible show as well. Beyonce did not want to let anyone down and she didn’t! She brought us one of the best performances of all time!

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