Easy Makeup Tips and Tricks!

Makeup can be a little tricky for some of us! From not knowing the exact match to your foundation to getting the perfect cat eye look, it all varies and it can be very frustrating! Achieving these makeup goals can be done with some simple tricks and tips from us. Nothing is impossible especially when dealing with an everyday makeup look! These tips and tricks were inspired by our YouTube video on our YouTube haul! Don’t forget to check us out for weekly videos on fashion, makeup and yummy recipes!
Tight lining your eyes:

By coloring in your upper water line with black eyeliner, it will give your eyes a fuller look. This tip is especially good for you ladies out there with thin and small eyelashes. By applying eyeliner, it will help you achieve the fuller and darker eyelash look! Again, this is an easy task to do for an everyday look.
Warm Your Curlers:

Warming your eyelash curlers with a blow dyer can help your eyelashes stay curly longer! This is great for those of you who have natural thick eyelashes but have trouble keeping them up. You can either warm them up with a heated blow dryer or you can leave your eyelash curlers in a cup of hot water for a little.
Tape To Guide Eyeliner:

There are many of us who have trouble achieving the cat eye look! Well there is no need to worry any longer because this little trick will help you solve this problem! By applying masking tape along side of the corner of your eye, it will create a little guide for you to apply the cat eye look with liquid eyeliner. It’s fast, easy and very cute!

Finding the pefect foundation for your skin color can be a little tricky! You don’t want to be too pale and you don’t want to be too dark either! You can easily find your perfect color by testing the foundation to the inside of your wrist like so.
Keep Mascara From Making A Mess:

Mascara can get very messy so this tip is needed in an everyday makeup look! By cutting a flash car into the shape of your eye, it can help you prevent your mascara from making a mess on your eyelids! You can also do this to your bottom lashes with a spoon. It’s very easy and can really come in handy!
Fuller Lips:

We all want plump and fuller lips so why not use makeup to try and achieve this look? It can easily be done with the right shades of lipsticks! You can achieve this look by applying nude pencil or concealer to the center of your lips. Then, take a lipstick slightly darker than the nude lipstick and apply it to the rest of your lips. Gently pat the center section of your lips outwards. This help you blend in the colors.
Applying Blush:

Blush can also be tricky for many of us! We want to have those rosy cheeks but we don’t want to look like a clown by overdoing the look! So what you do is apply in a light, circular motion on the apples of your cheeks and work up tords the hair line. Remember not to apply too much on!

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