top 5 dessert places in LA

Los Angeles is filled with yummy treats and desserts but where’s the tastiest place to be? From frozen yogurt to macaroon ice cream sandwiches, we’ve got the best places for you! It can be hard deciding which place to visit first but these reviews and mouth watering pictures will help you make that decision faster!

Millions of Milkshakes:
Millions of milkshakes is an extremely popular milkshake shop located in Hollywood! Its known for their famous smoothies made personally by different celebrities. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to different NBA players have came here to create their very own milkshake to share with the public! You can either choose the celebrity made shakes or you can even create your own! There is a bar filled with different fruits, candies, syrups that you can add into your very own milkshake! They’re all tasty and it’s also a fun experience!

Milk is a tasty dessert shop that is stocked with different ice creams, shakes, cakes, cupcakes and many more! This place is especially popular for their Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches. These tasty treats come in all different flavors at only $5! They also have many other signature shakes and cakes that people fall tend to fall in love with as well. This is the number one place one should turn to when they have a sweet tooth! Their variety of treats will satisfy your craving for anything sweet!

Saffron and Rose Ice cream:
This ice cream shop has come to be a favorite place for many people in LA! They have a large and delicious variety of ice creams that you wouldn’t have anywhere else. Not only is their stuff good but it’s also cheap! A cup with two scoops is less than $4.00 and they are also very generous with their scoops. This place is a great place to try on the weekends with your friends or family!

Frosted Cupcakery:
This bakery has AMAZING reviews on yelp with hundreds of satisfied customers! Their signature cupcakes are what bring so much attraction. From the amazing taste to the delicious fillings, they will not let you down! Some of their signature cupcakes even include mouthwatering ice cream in it! What a better combination than cupcakes and ice cream? They’re all freshly baked at the right size and perfect amount of sweetness. You’ll be sure to have an amazing experience!

Frog Frozen Yogurt Bar:
Frozen yogurt has come to be a very popular thing over the past couple years and the variety of stores make it hard to choose which bar to go to first! There is no need to question it anymore because Frog Frozen Yogurt is guaranteed to satisfy your frozen yogurt craving! They have amazing flavors of yogurt and the toppings are even better. The environment of the frozen yogurt bar is also great and a cool place to hang out with your friends!

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