2014 Grammy Awards

Last night, CBS hosted their 56th Grammy Awards for America to watch and gaze and the beautiful and talented stars! Every year they surprise us with great performers, breathtaking speeches and best dressed moments. This year was an absolute success and completely blew everyone’s mind from pinks acrobatic performance to Macklemore’s live wedding for dozens of people! There is no doubt that this year was one of the best Grammy awards so far!

Queen Bey and her hubby, Jay Z, opened up the show with their new hit single “Drunk in Love”. This powerful and very successful couple gave us a show to remember! First, Beyonce came out and did her very sexy and jaw dropping dance then her hubby came out and joined in on the song. Their performance showed us how cute and amazing they are together!

17 year old, Lorde, won her first Grammy award for “Song of the Year”! This singer also showed off her vocal skills when she performed her hit single “Royals”. Though the Grammy award winner may have a fantastic dance, the media was buzzing all over the internet about her unusual body movements throughout her song. Some call it soulful and others call it demonic?

Katy Perry came out on stage as a pole dancing witch! While performing her hit single “Dark Horse” with Juicy J, the singer put on quit a show when her and her dancers were dressed up as witches as they danced around broom sticks. She later ended her performance with fire surrounding her, almost like a witch being burned at stake!

Jay Z won his award for “Best Rap/sung Collaboration”. This multi winning artist was up against his wifey, Beyonce when they announced the winners. Of course, Beyonce was incredibly proud and congratulated her man with a hug and a kiss! Jay Z gave a great speech and thanked his beautiful wife and then went on to tell his daughter, Blue Ivy, that he “got a brand new gold sippy cup for her”! I’m sure we all wish we had a gold sippy cup!

Pink did an amazing job when she performed “Try” while hanging from ropes over the entire audience! This amazed many people watching from their seats and from home. The fact that she could do all these tricks and turns while hanging so high up from the ground and STILL be able to hit her high notes was unbelievable! She then moved on to perform “Just Give Me a Reason” with Fun. They both killed it on stage!

John Legend came back and performed his new song “All of me”! This performance had every girls heat melting, especially his wife’s! This song played on the piano was everything. He truly is an amazing and talented artist.

There were plenty of other winners throughout the night including Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk! This duo won “Best Pop duo/Group Performance” for their hit single “Get Lucky”. Even thought the robots were unable to give out a speech, Pharrell still thanked the fans and families of Daft Punk!

Daft Punk later went on to perform with the legendary, Stevie wonder, and was joined by Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers! This crazy and unforgettable duo had everyone out of their seats and rocking out with the French robots and Stevie!

One of the most breath taking and unforgettable performances would have to be when Macklemore, Ryan Luis, Mary Lambert and Madonna performed “Same Love” on stage while 34 couples married live in the crowd. This movement was incredibly beautiful and had many people in the audience and at home in tears. “Same Love” did come to be the national anthem in the campaign for same sex marriage and so many couples of different ages, races, and sexualities came together to share their marriage with America. This performance showed what true love and “Same Love” is all about and it was about time an artist came out and made this show possible.

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