Promiscuous Rihanna

The Barbados beauty, Rihanna, first came to us with her hit single ‘Pon de Replay’. Ever since then she’s been dropping amazing singles, creative music videos and unforgettable world tours! This pop star sure does know how to put on a good show. Besides the amazing music and choreography, her outfits are what catch people’s eyes the most! Rihanna is known for having sexy, raunchy yet chic taste so of course her stage wardrobe is going to be filled with sex appeal! There is no doubt that this beautiful starlet can turn heads and drop jaws within seconds. Her body is amazing and her wardrobe only compliments her best features which is great! She loves her curves and thick legs and isn’t ashamed to show it off. One of the things that so many fans love about Rihanna is that she does not care what the media has to say about her provocative clothing or sense of style. She’s her job with her own taste and style and we applaud her for that!

Rihanna use to be ‘Thickanna’ back in her first years of being in the lime light! Her curves and thick thighs never stopped her from showing off those amazing legs of hers though. She always strutted out on stage with the best outfits and looked great doing it!

Over time her sense of style did get better but she still has no shame in her game when it came down to being sexy! Her legs are her best feature and she has no problem showing it. We love her from her “Pussy” dress to her “Dollar Bill” dress that she so proudly performed in! Her sense of style is iconic and we hope it only gets better from here!

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