The crazy Ke$ha first came to us when she released her first single ‘Tik Tok’ and blew every party animal’s mind! She continued to bring us great and pumped up music like ‘We r who we r’ and ‘Blow’. Her crazy attitude and glittery outfits are what made this pop singer stick out from the rest. Her amazing personality dragged us into this fantasy world filled with glitter and unicorns! Though many were curious to know if she was on drugs, the media realized that she was just a kid at heart. Of course, with fame came the ugly media and lying tabloids! Ke$ha was constantly being bashed on her weight, appearance and sense of style. God forbid you be yourself without letting the media bash you all over the internet for it! Poor Ke$ha did have a crazy sense of style but over the years she’s made some improvements! Let’s take a look back into her crazy fashion transformation.

The very young and punk rock Ke$ha did not hesitate to show the world who she was! In 2009 Ke$ha came out with her hit single ‘tik tok’ and showed us what a party girl was all about. She never put up a ‘Good Girl’ front nor did she put up an act to be accepted. She came out and told the world this was who she was and if they didn’t like it they could all kiss her a$$!

2010 did not hold the best fashion moments for Ke$ha but it showed her sense of style the best! She brought us glitter eye shadow and smudged eyeliner back on to the red carpets and did not regret one second of it. Ke$ha might not have always been the fittest person but she sure did have some amazing legs!

Ke$ha brought a little bit of her A Game once 2012 came around. She got to know her designers better and showed us a little bit of her glamour side! Though glitz and glam was on the table, Ke$ha did not fail to bring her ripped panty hose and glitter makeup on stage to give her fans a show of a life time!

Ke$ha went platinum blonde in 2012 and rocked the hell out of it! This new chic look complimented her face and red carpet outfits in so many ways. She even decided to go with non-ripped panty hose to perform in and added some glitz and glam to her stage corsets! But she still got down and dirty for her performances!

The year 2013 was too good for pop star, Ke$ha! Her new look still showed her crazy personality with some added touch ups to it. Her new found body also dropped jaws along with her amazing wardrobe! Everything from the new hair to the amazing legs, Ke$ha looked smoking hot last year!

Ke$ha posted new photos of her new found body and basically told the media to kiss her skinny a$$!! After being tormented and abused over the internet by the press and the media, Ke$ha went and got herself a new body to go with her new look. She looked absolutely amazing but was hiding a very dangerous and unhealthy secret from her fans and the media. This pop star was suffering from an eating disorder and had recently checked herself into rehab.

Ke$ha shows off the dramatic weight loss in her new music video ‘Timber’ & ‘Dirty Love’!

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