North West

North West has come to be the most talked about baby out there! With having no magazine spread or multiple photos released to the media, North West is one of the most mysterious celebrity babies out there! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made it very clear that they do not want their baby in the public spotlight nor do they want the media constantly surrounding their baby. The couple has agreed to keep her as safe as possible and only release photos to the public eye as little as possible. Though this is a very reasonable and responsible idea, people are just dying to get more photos of North West! The media wants to see how much she’s grown or what her outfits consist of on a daily basis. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sure did make the most adorable baby! No wonder why so many people want to see more of this angelic face. She is the perfect mixture of Kim and Kanye and, yes, she did receive all the good genes!

North West made headlines all across America when she made her first appearance on Kim Kardashians instagram! After that there has been couple other photos released of this precious face on the Kardashian’s instagram’s. This baby was has been blessed with many good genes from her parents but those big brown eyes & beautifully thick eyebrows are the best genes on this face so far!

People are dying to see bay North’s wardrobe and style! Kim Kardashian fulfilled their wishes when she posted several photos of her baby’s clothes sent by different designers. This lucky baby is already being showered in designer gifts! According to Kim Kardashian’s social networks, baby North also has her very own stylist.

Kim Kardashian released more photos of her 6 month year old baby when she appeared on ‘Ellen’ in January of 2014. North West’s photos had everyone in awe and in admiration of her beautiful face! Those chubby cheeks and little dimples are to-die-for!

Here is a really cute photo of North West and her daddy, Kanye West, taken while on vacation. Nothing is cuter than seeing a father enjoy quality time with his new born baby! Though Kanye West has made a cocky and big headed name for himself, the media has noticed the change in him once this baby arrived! From TV talk shows to radio shows, Kanye’s appearance totally surprised viewers when they tuned in to hear the changed Kanye West talk about his new born baby! He has said to in many interviews how this kid and Kim Kardashian has changed him in great ways.

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