Nail trends for 2014

2014 is bringing us a lot of new styles, trends and looks but most of all it’s bringing us new nail designs! Every girl loves getting their nails done to match the new season’s colors or to channel a celeb. Nail designs and looks are very crucial especially when it’s become such a trend and a fashion statement these past couple of years. Many starlets have shown off their gorgeous nail looks from plain and simple to dramatic and over the top! Several trends have hit the nail salons last year and here are some that are going to be the hottest nail trends of 2014.

A trend that has hit the streets are the ‘stiletto nails’! These oval shaped nails have become such a trend in the past year. Everyone from Rihanna to Lady Gaga has been seen rocking these nails. Of course the color that’ll be trending really all depends on the season. Pastels are for spring and once summer hits then you can bring out the brighter colors!

Rhinestones are always a favorite no matter what time of year! They’re glamorous, trendy and can go with any nail style or color you choose. A key to remember when adding rhinestones to your look is to not over do it! You want to make your nails look good NOT weight them down!

Nail designs have become so popular over the past year! Celebrities have gotten more creative with their looks and added on logos, brands and other designs to their look. Whether you want a chic and simple look or a crazy and bold look, creativity is key! The nails to the right belong to Kylie Jenner. This reality TV star and model always loves expressing her style and fashion sense through her nail art!

Matte Madness! Matte nails have also come to be very trendy. Whether your want long and square nails or the ‘Stiletto’ look, matter nail polish will do you good! Both of these nail designs are from the beautiful, Kylie Jenner! Channel her look and mess around with some bold nail designs!

Simple is always fun! Many celebrities have been seen with nice and simple nails and have done a great job at pulling it off! We are in love with Ciara’s nails (to the left). The oval shaped nails with the peach nail polish are perfect for this upcoming spring! It’s simple, chic and very cute for any occasion.

Mid rings is an ultimate favorite item for this year! They’re simple cute and always trending. Playing around with rings, mid rings and bracelets really give your manicure a bolder look! These are great to wear when you are rocking simple nails and need that little glamour touch to your look.

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