Tips to longer and thicker hair

We all want long & voluminous hair that we see in those hair commercials but we can never seem to get enough fullness in our hair! There can be many reasons behind this problem and there are several solutions! Whether it’s your hair products or your diet doing the damage, there is always a way out! Long and thick hair doesn’t just make you look fabulous but it gives you confidence and a step closer to healthier hygiene. Remember, a good hair day can never go wrong! So let’s get our hair on the right track to fabulosity and achieve that long and thick hair we’ve always wanted!
Daily Routines: Washing your hair daily can be very damaging! Since your hair is being stripped of its natural oils given by the scalp it tends to flatten easier. This can prevent you from having that thickness you desire! The best solution is to wash your hair about 3-4 times a week so it can keep its natural oils and stay voluminous. Also, brushing your hair while it’s still wet can cause breakage. This is an awful thing that tends to happen to us, girls, but if you brush your hair with a wide set brush while it’s a little dryer than you’ll be able to avoid this problem! Hair dryers may be your best friend but it also causes a tremendous amount of heat damage! Letting your hair air dry is probably the best decision you can make when trying to prevent damaged hair!
Hair Products: Stay away from so many chemicals! It may not seem like a lot but when you’re adding shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, heat prevention spray, hair spray etc. all into your hair in one day it can really cause some damage! Too many chemicals will not only stop your hair from growing as fast but it can also cause breakage and hair loss. Try using hair products that either promotes healthier and longer hair or products with natural ingredients! This will not only save your hair from damage but it will also give you a healthier head of hair.
Home Remedies: There are plenty of natural products that you can make on your own! From honey based Oils to vitamin E oils, these at home recipes can really benefit you! There are plenty of recipes online that you can use to give yourself long and bouncy hair. Not only is it safer but you also save a fortune! Hair products can be expensive so some at home remedies will really help you financially as well.
Vitamins: Vitamin E oils and fish oils are guaranteed to give you healthier hair! They’re all natural and are safe to take on a daily basis. This not only helps your hair but it can also give you glowing skin and stronger nails! Vitamins are great to take for your health and for your hair so I would suggest purchasing some from your local store!
Exercise: Believe it or not, exercising does promote healthier hair! It releases stress and keeps your body healthy. A healthy body leads to healthier and stronger hair! I know exercising may not be your cup of tea but a stroll around the block or a bike ride can really help! Keeping a stress free environment will not only promote hair strength but overall body health as well.
Diets:What you eat and how you eat can affect your hair growth in so many ways! Protein and foods that include fatty acids can really help when thickening the hair! Foods that are rich in vitamin A, B & C can also help you when nourishing your hair.
Stay Away From Stress: Stress is known to cause hair loss! It’s terrible and can be easily avoided. You can try anything from running to listening to music to clothes shopping for sexy dresses in order to release your stress.
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