Gaga For Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her dramatic fashion statements and over the top shoes and heels! Her daring sense of style and charisma is what makes her so huge and successful in this industry. She isn’t just any ordinary pop singer, she’s LADY GAGA! She makes statements, headlines, magazine covers and way more! She’s not only a fashion icon to many but she’s also a role model to all her fans. She’s taught her little “Monsters” to be who they are and no one else. Lady Gaga has always been a strong believer in expressing ones inner “monster” and so she shows it in all her outfits! Though some may be tacky and hideous, others are very chic and high fashion. Lady Gaga never fails to surprise the media with her next big move or fashion ensemble! Let’s take a look back into Lady Gaga’s fashion transformation.

Lady Gaga made her huge break in 2008 with her hit single “Just Dance”. While making it huge in the music business, Lady Gaga also brought along a very interesting and different sense of style. Her infamous hair bow was her trademark in 2008!

Lady Gaga bloomed out of her cute hair bows and stepped into a different dimension with these outragoues outfits! Her fans and the media were starting to see the real and crazy Lady Gaga. Many loved it but several bashed her for it.

2010 was a crazy year for Gaga! More singles dropping meant more eyes on her and her promiscuous sense of fashion. Her rock star/grunge/ daring sense of style this year had many people wondering whether or not she was on drugs! Though she wasn’t using drugs, she did make headlines for her famous “Meat Dress” and extremely high heels! She amazed everyone when she’d step out on the streets strutting these 12 inch heels.

From gender confusion to full on nudity, Lady Gaga sure stood out in 2011! This year was also the year that Lady Gaga introduced her gravity wedges to the world! These were her favorite items to rock along with her several crazy outfits. Though Lady Gaga made it clear to everyone that she was a bit strange, she did not fail to entertain us with her music and fantastic shows!

Lady Gaga definitely toned it down and added some classiness to her wardrobe in 2012! Her heels were still sky high and her dresses were still out of the ordinary but she looked chic for the most part. This year Lady Gaga made it no.4 on the Forbes List for Top Earning Women in the Music Business. She ranked in about 58 million with her sold out tours and new perfume, “Fame”.

In 2013 Lady Gaga shed off some weight and showed us her incredible new body! Though her style has toned down since 2010, she still knows how to make an entrance when she arrives to any event! Whether she’s wearing a seashell bra or a gorgeous Versace dress, we still love her for her crazy sense of style!

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