Hangover from hell

The weekend is here which means it’s time to gather up your girls, throw on your little, black sexy dress and hottest pumps for a night out! Whether you’re going to the hottest club downtown or going on a fun and crazy vacation with your friends, hangover cures are always great to know. Vacations to Cabos or Las Vegas are always fun but you don’t want to ruin your whole time there by spending the next day hung-over in bed! Vacations are about going out and having fun the WHOLE time that you’re there not just the first night. Knowing the best hangover tips is a great way for you to let loose and have fun without regretting it the next day!


“Liquor before beer you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor you’ll never be sicker.” In other words, keep the beer for after you’re done drinking your hard alcohol!

TIPS BEFORE DRINKING: Never drink on an empty stomach! This will just get your drunk faster and sick after. Taking Tums, or any other acid reducer, about 30 min before drinking will also help the hangover in the morning. Another tip to remember is to limit your drinking! Wild nights are great but remember to keep your pace when drinking. The faster you drink then the faster your blood alcohol level will be.


Drink water, take vitamins and eat 1 or 2 slices of bread before going to bed. Water is a much needed thing when drinking because you’re body gets very dehydrated when after peeing so much. This can lead to nausea and dizziness, etc. Vitamins will help ease your headache over night so you don’t wake up with your head pounding. And the bread is great way to settle your stomach when the night is over. You might be a little too drunk to remember these things but keeping the bread, water and vitamins next to your bed will help you remember!


Wake up and drink lots of fluids! Water or energy drinks with electrolytes will help with the queasy stomach. Try and stay away from coffee! A cup of coffee can either cure or cause migraines so you don’t want to risk it. Pain medication is great for when you have a huge headache or migraine. It doesn’t really matter what you eat the next day but if your stomach can’t hold anything down then crackers and bread will really help! Exercising and staying on your feet can also help reduce the hangover feeling! Sweating and burning calories will also help you with all the calories you took in from the alcohol the night before. SEX! It might not take your hangover away but it sure will make you happy on this miserable day!

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