Porto’s Bakery

In the mood for some sweets and nice cup of coffee? Porto’s Bakery is known for their baked goods and delicious drinks! From hundreds of great reviews from satisfied customers to a rating of 4.5 stars on yelp, this is sure not to let you down. One of the greatest advantages to a bakery is the variety of amazing food you get to choose from! They not only have phenomenal desserts but they also carry a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu just in case your sweet tooth isn’t calling out for goodies! These food choices will be sure to have your mouth watering and your taste buds craving for more. Another great thing to this amazing restaurant is the cheep food prices!!


Their breakfast is sold until 11am and the price ranges on these plates are no more than $6.00. They have delicious wraps, omelette plates and omelette sandwiches! Everything is baked and cooked freshly so the quality is amazing. You’ll be lucky to fit in your party dresses after you’re done here! The portion size is also satisfying so the quantity is just right! Overall, this is a great place to enjoy a nice breakfast with your family or friends!


portos5 portos2Lunch/ Dinner

Their lunch and dinner is pretty much the same. The plates vary from sandwiches, steak plates, soups and salads! Their delectable variety of sandwiches is pretty big. Porto’s has every kind of sandwich that’s served with a side of potato chips to finish off the meal. Their House Soups are very creamy and rich which is perfect on a chilly day. The salads are amazing! Salads might be your first choice when coming to a bakery but these salads are life changing! Again, the portion size is great and quality is even better!


They also have a menu for smaller sides! This is great for when you’re in the mood for something quick and small. They carry everything from cheese balls to tamales!




Now it’s time for the best part of it all, the goodies! Their bakery is filled with freshly baked goods that are served every day. They carry everything like cookies & brownies, pastries, cake slices and much more! Each and every baked good is filled with their own different taste and mouth watering goodness. Whether you want something little to satisfy your sweet tooth or something big to feed a family get-together, this bakery is the place to be!

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