Houston’s is a great place to take your date for some fine dining! The food is pure goodness and the customer service is amazing. From the second you enter the place till moment you leave with a satisfying belly, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself at Houston’s! Though the price may be a little high, the food and experience is totally worth it!

The vibe and theme of the restaurant Is very calm and dim. This lets you enjoy your meal in a peaceful environment while soaking in the delicious taste in your food. This place does not accept reservations but the wait is always kept from a 20-45 min range! The second you walk in, you’re greeted by chefs and waitresses. The kitchen is visible so you can watch and talk with the chefs as you wait for your party to be seated. Many times they’ll cook you up some complimentary French fries as you wait as will! There is also a bar that you can order from and relax at while you wait patiently to be seated. houstons3

Once you’re seated you’re given a menu filled with mouth watering plates! The servers are great at keeping you satisfied and happy. They have great entrées to start off your meal! Houston’s includes many great appetizers like cheese bread, grilled artichoke, spinach dip and different kind of sushi! This will keep you and your party satisfied until your meals are freshly done cooking!


With fresh and handpicked produce being delivered daily, you can only imagine how rich and tasteful the food must be! Their menu is filled with juicy steaks, sweet and delicious ribs, freshly baked salmon and mouth watering burgers! All their plates come in a well put together plate with their own sides and delicious toppings. The portion on each plate is perfect and the quality is amazing! You will leave with a satisfied tummy and good thoughts on this restaurant!

Desserts are also a favorite at Houston’s! Their sweet and pies, cakes and other baked goods is the perfect way to end your amazing experience with Houston’s. And you’re too full at the moment then you can always choose to take the desert home to share with your date as you watch a movie together. Now that is a great ending to a date; remember to pick out a beautiful and sexy dress for the evening!

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