Best & worst fashion moments of 2013

The Best of 2013

One of the most unforgettable best dressed moments was when Jennifer Lawrence wore a Dior gown to the Oscars! Surprisingly this breath taking dress was actually a last minute look for the Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence. It ended up looking like perfection on her even when she tripped over the stairs on her way to receive her Oscar! She fell but she fell with grace thanks to that sexy dress!

Another piece of perfection in 2013 was when Jennifer Lopez appeared on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards wearing a nude gown with white lace by Zuhair Murad! This gown fit her like a glove and showed all of us that you can still have a rocking body after twins. Not only did her gown make jaws drop but her makeup and hair was an amazing choice to go with this lovely dress.

Heidi Klum showed off those amazing legs of hers on the red carpet of the 2013 Golden Globe awards! Her white, side slit gown looked amazing on her and the sequin detailing was the perfect glamorous touch. Her dress and makeup was a great way to finish off the outfit!

Charlize Theron made an appearance on the red carpet rocking the very cute a chic pixie along with a White Dior Gown! This dress was the perfect choice for the actress. The beaded peplum and v shaped top looked very sleek and elegant. She was dazzling all across the red carpet!

Glee actress and singer, Lea Michelle, was seen wearing this beautiful gown by Ellie Sab! This piece of heaven looked stunning and dazzling on her. The detailed sequin and side slit had Lea Michelle looking like a glamour goddess!

The Worst of 2013

The MTV Awards decided to have a little throwback moment by inviting Lil’ Kim to announce a winner this year. Lil’ Kim came out looking like a hot mess! Not only did she NOT look like Lil’ Kim but her outfit was the definition of “TACKY”! The feathers, camel toe and extreme cleavage was a huge disaster. Bad plastic surgery is one thing, but coming to an award show like this is just asking for it.

Oh Miley, you are in every category of 2013! She made this year hers with her new singles dropping and twerking all over TV. Though she has had many successful moments this year, this fashion moment was not one of them! It did nothing for her figure and completely had people bashing on her for weeks!

Kim Kardashian got divorced, pregnant and engaged all in one year and still managed to squeeze her way into the “Worst Dressed” category! Though this beautiful mommy is known for her incredible fashion taste, this dress had everyone bashing her. She was being compared to Mrs. Doubtfire and an old grandmother’s couch! This dress was just not her best.

Kristen Stewart showed up to the red carpet in a not-so-ready get up! The actress did have a fractured leg but that’s no reason to show up a hot mess! Her dress was not the worst but it wasn’t even close to the best. It didn’t compliment her figure and almost looked like it was falling off of her. Her hair looked like it wasnt even brushed and her makeup was very bland.

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