Tricks & tips on thigh high boots

Thigh High Boots are a huge trend this season! These shoes have been seen on celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Miley Cyrus. It’s a trend that has all the girls going crazy! Even though thigh high boots can be breathtakingly beautiful, they can be very tricky to style with! Of course celebrities have their style team to help them with this area but unfortunately we don’t. But there is no need to worry because I have many tricks and tips when styling thigh high boots! First tip that you should keep in mind is that a tight mini skirt with some thigh high boots may have you looking like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Women” so be careful when styling with skirts! If you’re looking for a club outfit to style with some thigh high boots then I suggest you go with a skirt that’s a little looser fitting! For example: a skater skirt, a crop top and a pair of your thigh high boots will look great together for a night out! You won’t look too hoochie but you’ll still look very sexy and cute! There are plenty of dresses that you can style with some thigh high boots like sweater dresses, long sleeve dresses, slimming dresses etc. As long as the dress isn’t too short on you then you’ll be able to pull off this look just fine! If you want to be more conservative then you can always pair your thigh high boots with some leggings or really thin pants! Make sure your leggings aren’t see through! If they’re a little see through then I suggest you style it with an oversized blouse, sweater or cardigan! Another tip to remember is not to go too crazy with colors. Mixing colored clothes with colored thigh high boots will look like a disaster! It’s too much color that you’re playing with. If you go with some colored thigh high boots then style them with basic blacks, grays or whites just so that your clothes don’t take the attention away from your shoes.

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