Its Christmas Time At Disneyland!

Disneyland goes all out for the holidays! Whether it’s Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas; Disney definitely takes the prize for being the most festive amusement park. Winter has got to be the most popular time to go to Disneyland because of the beautiful Christmas decorations! From Christmas trees to fake snow to Christmas themed EVERYTHING!! Just don’t forget to put on your favorite pair of leggings and thigh high boots to stay warm! Disneyland goes all out for this holiday and they’ve done an amazing job at making the trip to this amusement park worthwhile. The energy and vibe is crazy good and it really makes you feel like the holidays are here. It’s a very joyous and amazing experience when going to Disneyland during this time of year!

Let’s start off with the decorations. When I say everything is decked out in Christmas decorations I’m being literal! From Gigantic Christmas trees to fake snow everywhere, you definitely get the feel that Christmas is near once you step inside the park. Not only is the whole place covered in decorations but the characters and singers that walk around for entertainment are also dressed in Christmas costumes as well! The Castle is the most beautiful thing there because it’s covered in Christmas lights and is given an illusion of fake ice all around the edge of the castle. People literally crowd the front of the castle to capture their perfect picture in front of this mater piece! Another decked out master piece in the park has got to be the “Small World” boat ride! It’s surrounded by colorful lights and it attracts so many people to this area of the park. This too is crowded with people wanting to take their pictures of this ride! Not only does the ride look beautifully decorated in Christmas attire but the ride itself also has changed a little to fit the Christmas theme!

Speaking of rides changing to fit the Christmas theme, “The Haunted Mansion” ride is the most Christmas themed ride throughout the whole park! They changed it so it’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” theme. Disney’s idea to change this ride was absolutely brilliant and it really showed Disney’s Christmas spirit! I mean the whole ride literally changed from props to pictures to moving robots; it was breathtaking and different. The colors, characters and thought that they put into this ride really came together well! It wasn’t your original “The Haunted Mansion” ride, it was even better!

The Colors and imagination put into this ride is incredible!

And who can forget about the famous parades that Disneyland puts together every night? This too is changed to fit the Christmas theme the park has!

Another Huge attraction in the Disney Theme parks is the water show “World Of Color” which is placed in California Adventures. This show alone is breathtaking! Disney basically got all of the famous Disney movies; princesses etc and put them together to create an amazing colored water show with instrumental music. It’s filled with happy, sad and moving scenes from different movies and it really shows you what Disney is all about. The only change they made to this show around winter time is that they made it winter themed and put more of their new Disney movie “Frost”. Their name for this show is “World of Color Winter Dreams”. It’s very festive and Christmas oriented! Still very beautiful and breathtaking like the original show!

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