Belasco Night Club

Belasco Night Club is the go-to place when having a girl’s night out and party in your club dresses! There’s a huge dance floor, awesome DJ’s and amazing drinks! Occasionally there’ll even be celebrity DJ’s performing for night. Those nights are always fun and packed! The amazing and talented ceiling dancers and go-go dancers always get the party going and the crowd even more hyped. belasco3The craziest part of the night is when they surprise you with hundreds of balloons and confetti falling from the ceiling! It’s a great venue with good vibes all around! There nights are usually held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights! The venue is crazy beautiful with two stories to party on! There are three full bars, one on each side of the club. The drinks charge the same as any other club; beers are $7.00 and mixed drinks are $13. The good thing about the mix drinks are that they are worth the $13 that you’re spending on it! They have just enough alcohol and they taste amazing! belasco5The bartenders are super helpful and nice, they don’t just ignore you like some other bars in night clubs might. Another great thing about the venue is the outside patio. It can get a little over packed and hot so the outdoor patio is a life saver! A DJ is playing outside on the patio as well just so you can get some fresh air in a pumped up environment! The performers are always the highlight of the night! Whether they’re your local DJ’s, Celebrity DJ’s or artists like Lorde or Lloyd, there is always a hyped up crowd. The tickets do sell out fast when there is a special performer so I suggest you buy your tickets early and arrive early to get closer to the stage and get better parking! Bottle service is known to be amazing and cheap here at Belasco. Not only do you get a complimentary Champaign bottle with your bottle service but the waitresses are very sweet and helpful with your requests! The fun thing about this club is that there is always a theme to their events. Whether it’s an all white party or a Horror Movie themed night for Halloween! They also run charity events around Christmas where you bring in clothes or toys and get in cheaper in return! belasco4

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