Healthy Holidays


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and it is important to focus on spending time with loved ones, family, and friends. With all the holiday cheer in the air, most of the parties you’ll be attending will be centered on eating, drinking, and being merry! However, this can be frustrating and tempting if you’re keeping an eye on your figure. So while everyone else is packing on the pounds, here are a few tips for you ladies that wish to stay focused on your health and fitness goals this year.

  1. Portion control is key! When you arrive at the party and you want to partake in the food, try not to use the largest plate provided and don’t forget to eat the healthy choices too.
  2. Don’t show up hungry; it’s best to eat a small meal or snacks prior to arriving at the party. This will help curb your appetite.
  3. Stay hydrated with water, tea, and sugar-free drinks! Keep away from Starbucks and drinks with hidden calories.
  4. Stick to your exercise routine as much as possible. This way you’ll feel good and maintain your motivation to stay fit. Perhaps take a nice walk through your neighborhood!
  5. You can even give yourself a boost of motivation by wearing tight-fitting clothes (yes, a great excuse to get your shop on). Doing so will help you prevent from overeating.

I found these general guidelines helpful in visualizing your portions.

  • A deck of cards’ worth of turkey is around 4 ounces.
  • A golf ball size of gravy or cranberry sauce is about ¼ cup.
  • A ½ baseball worth of stuffing is around ½ cup.
  • A ½ baseball worth of sweet potato is around ½ cup.
  • A shot glass worth of salad dressing is around 2 tablespoons.

Remember, keeping your weight off is part of a journey to long-term health! Stay focused and positive through the holiday season; but most importantly, cherish the time you get to spend with those you love! Happy Holidays!

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